Would You Trust Joe the Plumber With Your Pipes?

He’s unlicensed.

I’m terribly cheap as well as broke, and it gets me to pay what licensed plumbers charge. But I have hired many over the years, and I’m glad now to have a plumber who is very good, she saves me money in the long run.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that plumbers know some things about electric wires, where they are located, gas pipes, underground city water pipes, building codes. Good stuff to know. I don’t want to get electrocuted, blown up or drowned. My house is almost a hundred years old, and I have a twenty year plan to bring it up to the twenty first century. I trust my plumber. I think she votes Democratic, but it’s not a political relationship. It’s based on competence and honesty.

In Republican politics I guess you can be a plumber and bypass all that credential stuff. And I guess not show any references, or pay your taxes. It’s okay to talk about a business you are planning to buy as if you really were, when actually you don’t have the money. It’s okay to misrepresent the other candidate’s tax plan, which would be better for you but not for your new political friends. They’ll take care of you after the election.

Will Joe the Plumber get to work on the McCain mansions? I hope so, because a working guy needs a job, even if he’s paid under the table.

10 thoughts on “Would You Trust Joe the Plumber With Your Pipes?

  1. Well,you make a point.Ever hear of Rigoberta Menchu?She got a Nobel prize for a phony story about being oppressed in Guatemala.Unlike the legitimate woman in Myanmar who got the prize and is still under house arrest.
    Ms.Menchu was loudly and publicly slavered over by the politically correct crowd.When her duplicity came to light,she didn’t lose the award and was never condemned by those who made a big deal out of her.
    And no,I wouldn’t hire Joe either.
    Have a safe Halloween.

  2. I find it appalling that so many people choose to attack and discredit the one asking the question rather than focus on “The One” who answered. And what an answer it was.

    “Spreading the wealth around” is a bad idea. Have you ever been in a job where your tips were pooled? I have. You work your butt off only to get the same amount at the end of the day as the guy who works at half speed. You lose a fair amount of earnings in the time it takes for the management to recognize the slacker and fire him.

    In “The One’s” world, the slacker is never fired, and your hard-earned money goes to many who don’t deserve it.

    And before anyone thinks of me as not being of a charitable mind, let me say that I don’t make anywhere near as much as Joe Biden does, yet I give much more to charity each year than he ever did.

    So Nancy, how would you feel if your plumber (and every other plumber in the book) tacked on 30% to every one of your bills to pay for repairs on houses whose owners don’t have the money? Of course, the list would include not only the houses of the truly needy, but also the houses whose owners chose to buy a plasma TV or treat themselves to a few nights at Foxwoods or finance a new car rather than budget for upgrading their leaky pipes?

    Someone else would be making a decision on how and where to spend your money. Is that fair? Does it make you feel good?

    Bottom line – it doesn’t matter who is asking the question. What matters is the answer.

  3. I’ve been spending the last 30 years watching public enterprise like the bus, libraries, schools, preventive health, job training get cut, while the top 2% of the country gets richer. I don’t make a quarter of a million a year. And actually we are all paying more when we have to maintain a car because there’s no good public transit, when the emergeny room is the only resort for the uninsured, when school children who would have made it drop out for lack of eary intervention, when bad drugs are put on the market and kill people, when auto makers are ‘free’ to market gas guzzlers that pollute the air i breathe. i resent the many businesses that bought Hummers and got a big tax break. i don’t get any tax break on my car, why should i pay for theirs? oops,that’s class warfare, isn’t it? i’ll make sure to sneer at the next person i see using food stamps, just so i have ‘balance’.
    sorry, too much coffee today.

  4. and furthermore, it matters that Joe is not any of the things he says he is. would you hire a ‘plumber’? is plumbing a dumb kind of job where you don’t need to know what you’re doing? what if it were Joe the ‘surgeon’? last winter a family tragically died when a water heater was leaking carbon monoxide. real plumbers are worth it. and the plumber’s union endorsed Obama.

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  6. Mark, come on. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    In effect, you ARE paying an additional 30% to cover the cost of expensee for other people.

    The price of EVERYTHING you buy has been jacked up by 10 or 20 or 30% to cover the costs of executive salaries, perks, corproate jets, gold-plated health care, massive bonuses…Do I need to go on?

    Over the past couple of decades, execs have been getting more and more perks. Do you realize that execs who make millions of dollars a year can’t pay for their own drycleaning? Rather, you pay for it with every product you purchase.

    And every time an exec jets off to the Mayo Clinic? You pay for it. Or when Jack Welch rides on the GE/NBC jet because flying commercial is beneath him? You pay for it. Big, stately office at a prime location on Fifth Ave? You pay for every stinkin’ square inch.

    If you want to know who’s really robbing you, look up the social ladder, not down.

    It’s like the lie being spread that the financial crisis was caused by CRA, or Fannie/Freddie. What crap! Some low income people defaulted on their mortgages. How could a few hundred billion make that much of a difference to a financial secotr that routinely conducted $40 TRILLION in business a year? Get real. The financial crisis was caused by the collapse of the CDS market, which was basically passing the money around in a circle and taking a cut each time. For this financial brilliance, execs made hundreds of millions of dollars for, basically, perpetrating fraud.

    It frosts my cookies when I hear people begrudge assistance to those who may actually need it, but don’t blink when it comes to exec compensation. In fact, many of the people who complain the loudest about the freeloaders turn around and argue that execs are worth all they get paid and more.

    And you want to see a sense of entitlement? Suggest that Jack Welch not be allowed on the corporate jet and you will see a hissy fit for the ages. Or suggest that CEOs give back any of the money they extorted over the past decade. Ain’t gonna happen.

    So, sorry, Mark. Your Republican leaders have played you for a chump. While you were watching out for the nickel going to help someone lower on the ladder, they were lifting millions of dollars from you, me, and everyone else who’s reading this blog.

    Productivity has increased over the past decade, but median wage has decreased. That means that you’re working harder and more efficiently and someone up the ladder is reaping ALL the benefits.

    That, my friend, is called “class warfare.”

    Theft is occurring, on a massive scale, but it ain’t the welfare cheats who are perpetrating it.

  7. thanks, Klaus. i plan to write about the tax on low-income workers in the form of cuts to services and working conditions that amount to unpaid time. for example, i had a minimum wage job that ran 8a-5p with an unpaid lunch hour in between. so the employees are on site for 9 hours and paid for 8. getting out a half hour earlier would have been extra time for all of us. in my more cushy job they didn’t deduct for lunch at all. in my most cushy job the drug reps came in and bought our lunch for us. those were the days.

  8. Nancy-haha-I just enjoyed your last answer.In my highest paying job (Senior Special Agent)I was assigned to drug enforcement,and spent a lot of time on surveillance with lunch in the car,and on more than one occasion urinating into an empty 2 liter soda bottle 🙂

  9. Joe , apparently they didnt need a PI to find out about Joe the plumber

    Time to close the thread Nancy?

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