A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My older daughter had her ninth birthday party today at the Cranston YMCA. It was well-attended and everyone had a great time in the pool. Then, on top of it, they were having a “Family Fall Festival” with a Space Bounce in the Gym, a Pinata at 3:15 and a candy hunt on the playground at 3:30. It was like having a birthday party with all these special unexpected bonuses added on. The kids were positively giddy by the end.

So thanks to the Cranston YMCA! Next year I will make sure to post a notice about the “Family Fall Festival” on Kmareka ahead of time.

Members of the Cranston community are always welcome to send me information about local family-friendly and/or educational events they would like publicized. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Both my children attended the YMCA KidsWorld (3yrs. to Kindergarten) and the staff was is well degreed, disciplined and a smaller structured setting. My son is now in first grade and goes to the before and after program, along with attending non-academic days. The staff is creative and has always made me feel like my children are the center of their attention. On non-academic days they have provided a jumpy thing and many other wonderful art projects. We have not been to the fall festival, but based on your assessment and the already positive exposure, I will surely be there.

    Thanks Kiersten, and nice to see you back.


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