Time to Be Thankful

Thankfulness is a good thing. In fact, I highly recommend it to anyone who has a job, a little love in their life, or even just a nice pet. Being thankful for these blessings will only enrich your life further.

Now that I’m a little older, I’ve come to appreciate the feeling of being thankful for something that I was initially disappointed about — realizing that being sick or being in an accident or losing a job can be the thing that preceded great change and improvement in your life. People say, hopefully, that we’re in a time like that right now in our economy, with the rising unemployment and millions of Americans losing retirement security in the financial turmoil of the stock markets — it’s a time of crisis that precedes the needed change and improvement of our nation.

I’m also grateful that I have my work and that what I do is valuable, and that I have the opportunity to learn and evolve in my work. It has been a wonderful year in that regard.

I’m grateful for my family, both the kin relations and the friend relations. I am lucky to have so many beautiful, funny, passionate, creative, and earnest people gathered around me.

I’m also grateful I don’t have to be swallowed up in a porn underworld to make a living. There are some awful jobs out there. One that I recently brushed paths with was that of a “porn rewriter.” It was a job I saw posted on a blogger job board for an “online copy writer” for a “reputable publishing company.” On a whim, I sent in my resume and got a reply telling me I could work for $10 per post rewriting 750 word “adult entertainment” pages so that they didn’t infringe on copyright and could be republished. While this might be just the right job for some crafty sort who figures out that all he/she has to do is substitute one racy adjective for another, (just switch “engorged” for “tumescent” and “perky” for “pointy”!) the thought of me doing this for a living and the fact that someone out there right now is doing this for a living, made me so thankful again for my life and my work.

So, yes, on this Thanksgiving, 2008, give thanks.


5 thoughts on “Time to Be Thankful

  1. This “sharing” thing among the Pilgrims and Native Americans sounds suspiciously Socialist… I look to Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber to launch an investigation of how this spreading around of the stuffing came to be celebrated as a national day off work…

  2. Kiersten-one of my sister in laws is a “certified colonic therapist”working in a gastroenterology office-in other words she gives enemas all day-and she likes to talk about her work-fortunately she doesn’t visit often.

  3. Joe, At least your sister-in-law can rest assured of the social value of her work. I’m not sure the same can be said of the writers consigned to ripping off “adult entertainment” texts for the purpose of enriching some “reputable publisher” out there.

  4. I don’t think ‘porn re-writer’ is a secure occupation. someone must be working on a ‘find and replace’ bot that will re-write the porn automatically. I wonder if you could take the same approach to romance novels and action movie scripts? Meanwhile, I’m wondering if anyone is interested in ‘telling all’ about a 4-letter word that we usually don’t deal with honestly—WORK. Have you had any really awful JOBS?

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