SCOS Food Drive this Sunday, Dec 7

Save Cranston’s Open Space is having a food drive this Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm. The food drive will benefit our local food pantry at CCAP (Cranston Community Action Plan) which is reporting a greater need than ever for food. Non-perishable food items may be dropped at the intersection of New London Avenue and Hilltop Drive at the entrance to Oakhill Terrace.

This is the Second Annual food drive for SCOS and they hope to make it a very successful one. Please help by participating!

5 thoughts on “SCOS Food Drive this Sunday, Dec 7

  1. We hope to see you there, CCAP is no longer a member of the RI Food Bank and solely relies on donations. There was an article in last week’s Herald about their struggles to meet the growing need the agency faces.

    I’ve worked with CCAP on various projects for the past 6 years and have seen the great things they do to help the community, but they need assistance.

    If you have any questions about Sunday’s food drive, please contact us at: or leave a message at 633-6312.

    Thank you!

  2. I don’t know, but my guesses would either be that they could no longer afford it or didn’t care for the inconsistencies in products, both of which I know that have been the case with some other non-profits.

  3. When I worked for Gateway, I was amazed at the food and other things we “bought” (for pennies on the pound) from The Food Bank. I know there was a yearly membership fee, but I’m quite sure we got much more than we paid in. In any event, I hope the SCOS Food Drive is successful. We will drop off what we can.

  4. It is very inexpensive, but I know that some smaller nonprofits don’t have the pennies, but CCAP is a pretty big one. If I see Joanne tomorrow, I’ll ask her the actual reason.

    Thank you to everyone who braved the snow and cold to show such generosity to our neighbors in need!!

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