Christiane Amanpour: Local Girl

I’m driving along Rt.10 listening to WRNI radio and I hear an interview with CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour. She went to college at U.R.I.

How cool is that? International journalist graduated from You Are High! And she said she loved her time at college.

The great thing about living in Rhode Island is — although we pack an overnight bag if we drive to Woonsocket we are not provincial. Eventually the whole world passes through our lovely state. I think that is because we are the center of the cosmos. The galactic pole is the Narragansett Electric Company.

Last summer I was invited to a party just outside Providence and everyone there was Persian. The only person present who couldn’t speak fluent English was speaking French. She looked a little like a very young Brigitte Bardot. I had a great time. I was socializing with people from a country that some of our politicians joke about bombing. That is, Iran.

My gracious hosts came to America because they could not stand to live in a religious dictatorship. How interesting that they found a home in the state founded by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson.

Well, after that party, I rented ‘Persepolis’, an animated movie based on the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. Like Christiane Amanpour, and my friends at the party, Marjane Satrapi had to leave her country to escape the Islamic fundamentalist regime. Her family still lives in Iran.

I thought about the family connections of the people whose hospitality I had enjoyed. We don’t get to decide where we are born. We have potential allies all over the world. The strength of people who can live for freedom is greater than the force of people who can be martyrs for tyranny. Let us never again use war as a first resort.

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  1. Your last line is interesting in a piece on Christine Amanpour.She goaded Bill Clinton during a live interview with regard to his need to attack Serbia.This was a case of the media driving the story rather than reporting it.It is true that many Persians are here precisely because they fled intolerance in Iran-Christians,Zoroastrians(the original indigenous religion there),Bahais,Jews,and some non Shiite Moslems.I took a course in Middle Eastern government in 1972 with a professor who was an ethnic Armenian Christian from Iran.
    Most Iranian people are not anti-American,but the leadership has a stranglehold on the populace through the apramilitary Revolutionary Guard.

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