It’s Ducky at the Helm!

Well, the word is on the street over at Not for Nothin’: Ian Donnis reports that Pat Crowley will be succeeding Matt Jerzyk as owner of the RI Future Blog.

Interestingly, Pat and I had talked about trying to collaboratively buy the blog along with a potential group of board members, but I don’t think either of us were confident this could work. Ultimately, I think it would be difficult to co-run a blog. A good blog needs one person at the front, dedicating a good portion of his/her life to the task. The logistics of trying to share that leadership would probably be more challenging than doing it yourself, particularly for a blog the size of RI Future.

But I will be interested to see who gets invited to be on the Board of the corporation or limited partnership that the organization becomes. I wish Pat well in this endeavor and hope the RI Future blog continues to grow in its ability to connect people to the issues that are impacting our lives.


3 thoughts on “It’s Ducky at the Helm!

  1. Good decision on your part.Your style and Pat’s are way different.i’m not making a value judgement here,just atating my impressions.You never make caustic or “smart’ remarks to people.
    Don’t get me wrong-Pat is a nice enough guy in person.I am not the genteel type myself-it would’ve been a (literally) fatal flaw in my career.So he and I can go nose to nose in a debate.You come across as more deliberative and analytical.In your job that is a plus.
    Bottom line-you’re both better off with your own blogs.

  2. While I’ve never had the opportunity to communicate w/ Pat, I do enjoy his reporting/writing/analysis and look forward to him continuing those efforts in the future. He’s a valuable voice in our community.


  3. I think that Kmareka and RI Future both have a distinct niche in the RI blogosphere and I would’ve missed some of the “non-political” discussions on Kmareka had you purchased Matt’s site, Kiersten.

    I also like that this site discusses local (Cranston) news while RI Future focuses more on state/national issues.

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