GOP Ticks Off Another Musician

You might call Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary, an entertainer. But Mr. Yarrow is better at political discourse than the Republican Party is at entertainment.

Yarrow, and Lenny Lipton wrote ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ a children’s song from the ‘60’s. Here’s an excerpt from Mr. Yarrow’s response to the unwelcome use of his lyrics-

What might have been wearily accepted as “the way it was” in the campaign, is now unacceptable. Obama is not a candidate. He is the President-Elect, and this song insults the office of the Presidency, the people who voted for him, as well as those who did not — and taking a children’s song and twisting it in such vulgar, mean-spirited way, is a slur to our entire country and our common agreement to move beyond racism.

Read it all, here. It’s worth it.


4 thoughts on “GOP Ticks Off Another Musician

  1. The Air Force named AC47 gunships “Puff the Magic Dragon”(informally of course).They were awesome in action-just what you would need in a pinch.
    Nowadays they have bigger and more heavily armed planes doing the same thing.

  2. How low can the Republican Party go when it comes to degrading the President of the United States. They are not the true GOP (Grand Old Party of Abe Lincoln) How many scandals are enough before the Republican Party gets it through their heads they are just degrading themselves. They just don’t get it anymore when the had control of all the branches of government they just take from the people that make this great country (the Middle and Poor classes) and give to the rich. I doubt that one of those executives of these major corporation good manufacture the goods they sell (like assemble a car) at one of their assembly plants. I sure would hate to drive it after they had tried to assemble that car. Most of these overpaid executives have lost touch from reality when the CEO’s of the Big three each fly to Washington DC
    to try and get a bailout from the government and each fly down there from Detroit on each of their corporate jets costing $20,000 a piece instead of them flying down there on one jet and sharing the expenses. This probably never occurred to them at all because they are used to doing whatever they can and charge the stockholders and the employees like money grows on trees besides wasting all of that fuel that was used to fly there. Instead of doing what is best for the country and not do the things that upset the general public and keep taking us into deeper debt as a nation because this isn’t their money but the taxpayers they think that they can spend for ever and ever. Ronald Reagan said that we must get our fiscal house in order but took us from a $900 billion debt to a $6 trillion debt and George W. Sr. took us from a $6 trillion to a $8 trillion debt. Bill Clinton balanced the books and gave us a $500 billion surplus when he left office and now we have a $12-$15 trillion debt and the biggest debtor nation in the world. If anyone should have had a tax cut over the past 8 years it should have been the poor and middle class. 50 years ago we discuss the annual federal budget in millions of dollars and today we talk in trillions of dollars. The SS trust fund has been defunct for quite a few years from the constant borrowing from it and just think where all these people that have been paying into the SS trust fund and the government had been reinvesting those dollars in the stock market after this latest fiasco these past few months, where would we be?

  3. Craig – I will search Google for your condemnation of the references to “W” and hillbilly, liar and otherwise. Will I find any?

    I do agree that our national debt is atrocious, but you are not pulling back the onion far enough to understand the causes. Blaming the guy on the spot shows a lack of understanding, and short range of vision. Good segue into the problem with CEO’s. They are compensated based on quarterly results, no incentive for long term plans. We all bought into it with 401K’s and the like.

    You want change, challenge all of your friends to read a wide range of opinions, attend open government meetings, and form their own opinions.

    Also – Forget about part affiliation, that’s what got us here.

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