Support Legislation for Historic Zoning in Pawtuxet

This message comes from the Pawtuxet Village Association via school committee member Steve Stycos:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

The Cranston City Council Ordinance Committee is holding an important hearing Thursday, January 15 at 7pm at the Cranston High School East auditorium (next to City Hall, on the side closest to Reservoir Avenue.)

The third item on the agenda is critical to the future of Pawtuxet Village–a proposed ordinance establishing a HISTORIC OVERLAY ZONE for the Pawtuxet Village National Historic District. Despite this national designation from the early 1970’s and Warwick’s enacting a local historic zone on their side in 1989, Cranston provides no level of review to protect historic structures and architectural features. At present, historic buildings dating back to the Colonial period are exposed to demolition and alteration without regard to their historical or architectural significance, and the City has no rules against building which could negatively affect the Village character and property values.

Under the proposed ordinance, the City’s historic district commission would review and approve all such proposals. This system has served Warwick well–more that 90% of all proposals are ultimately approved, and development is sensitive to the character of the historic village.

This meeting is critical for all supporters to attend regardless of where you live! All bodies will make a difference so please consider attending. This affects what can happen on Broad Street as well as the neighborhoods. The future of Pawtuxet Village is at stake.

Thanks, we hope to see you there. The future of Pawtuxet Village is at stake!


2 thoughts on “Support Legislation for Historic Zoning in Pawtuxet

  1. This is a very very important issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We really want to ensure the historical charm is carved out immediately. It is absurd that Warwick took the measures to protect this area which brings in a lot of visitors …and Cranston is still squabbling over less important issues. I certainly hope all of the council members are in support of this ordinance. Please call and voice your opinion if you are unable to attend to your council members which you can get from I am going to try and make it by 7:15.

  2. There was an article in the Herald that covered the anti-zoning Pawtuxet business owners this past week. Unfortunately, I felt that some of their reasoning for not approving it justified why it was needed so badly.

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