Live From D.C.

Our good friend Mary Grady from Natural News Network got on the bus and saw the inauguration first hand. She sends us back a dispatch…

We left Providence on the bus about 10:30 on Monday night, bumped and rattled all the way down route 95 all night long, through New York, New Jersey, through the dusting snow, beneath a misty crescent moon. Our knees were mashed against the narrow backs of the seats in front of us, but we got as comfortable as we could with blankets and pillows and ear plugs, drank a toast with two tiny bottles of cognac, and tried to sleep.

Read the rest, here. And congratulations to everyone who braved the cold to witness history.


2 thoughts on “Live From D.C.

  1. We were also there!

    I would not have missed it for the world!

    Sunday – National Cathedral and We Are One concert.

    Monday – RI brunch, Congressional office, RKF day of service (care packages) and ended the day with the Kids’ We Are the Future concert

    Tuesday – up at 3:00, at the Mall (silver section) by 7:30, witnessed history at noon and made it back to house by 5pm.

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