Art Outlaw

Former Rhode Islander and RISD grad Shepard Fairey was arrested in on the way to his own opening.

Controversial street artist Shepard Fairey was arrested by Boston police Friday night for doing what he has been known to do before: graffiti.
Fairey, 38, was arrested at about 9:15 p.m. on his way to guest deejay an event kicking off an exhibition of his works at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Shepard Fairey is also in a copyright dispute with Associated Press over alleged use of one of their photos for his iconic image of Barack Obama.

I’m going to try to see his show. I’ve enjoyed his Andre the Giant art in all its evolutions and wish him well.


8 thoughts on “Art Outlaw

  1. someone tagged my trash cans but the effort was banal and cliched. The composition was unfocused and the color muddy. if it was intended to make a statement, it failed, and aesthetically it was lacking.
    shepard fairey, on the other hand, rocks.

  2. LOL
    Back in the day,the NYC subway system became the palette for many grafitti artists who did some imaginative work,but it got completely out of hand.
    It all started very subtly with a guy who left the phrase “Taki 183″inside subway cars in magic marker.

  3. I had never realized that the same artist that did the Obama poster had done the Andre the Giant work until I read the article about his Boston show in the ProJo last weekend. I saw this link posted on The Daily Dose blog and its a critique of his work that discusses how many of his ideas/published art is actually “stolen” from other artists. Its really an interesting piece:

  4. Nancy-emulating a style is not stealing,otherwise art “movements” would all be discredited.
    Every now and then there are artists who are so hard to associate with any movement or style that they become noted for that.I can think of illustrator Lee Brown Coye,painter Leon Spillaert,installation artist Ed Keinholz,and graphic artist M.C. Escher as some examples off the top of my head.
    Shepard Fairey straddles a thin line when it comes to “stealing”.I am not qualified to say.

  5. check my comments to michaela colette zachilli on PDD concerning kinkaide(i couldn’t recall his name and she reminded me)-i mentioned an artist named george sotter who painted in the 30’s and 40’s who did decidedly non-kitschy versions of what kinkaide barfed out later on-sotter’s work actually can give you a chill

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