Back in the Saddle

Don’t anyone say that Republicans aren’t hep to the beat.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to mold success out of what is, at its core, a legislative failure. The most recent bit of gloating: a back-slapping YouTube clip from minority whip Eric Cantor’s office, set to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Back In The Saddle.”

The video is pretty good, it takes talent to pack so much misinformation into 15 seconds. But the comments are better.

The windmills of his mind have shut down long ago, but somehow the playground is still going.
And I dedicate the song “Attitude Adjustment” to the GOP
I emailed him “Dream On” but you have a point too.
rich misty

Rock on, Repubs. You’re back in the saddle. But the Pres has the horse and he just rode it across the finish line.


10 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Nothing says “We have our fingers on the pulse of the American populous” quite like a pre-Reagan, pre-80’s,Aerosmith song circa 1976. A more apt antique pop culture cowboy point of reference for Representative Cantor’s website might be the “Blazing Saddles” cowboys + beans equals tons o’fun around the campfire clip. McCain’s whiny CNN interview about the lack of Republican input in the stimulus package is yet another reason to say “to hell with bipartianism”, we have the hammer, we need to use it.

  2. Yeah,I think bipartisanship sucks.I’m not a Republican,but I am glad the House Republicans showed solidarity against this irresponsible monstrosity of a bill.
    I think Eric Cantor is one of the best people in Congress.He wants the UN out of the US and vice versa.I couldn’t think of anything better.
    This “scamulus”package will fail and actually worsen our economic siituation.If any of us ran our personal finances like this bill,we’d be broke and in debt.
    They didn’t read the bill!!They took Pelosi and Reid’s words for it.And that snake Rahm Emanuel.Maybe the legislators who voted for it were afraid to look at what they were going to do.

  3. Okay. Tell me how a tax break will help a worker whose job has moved overseas. A homeowner whose balloon mortgage has ballooned. A neighborhood full of empty houses and vacant storefronts, such as Manton.
    There’s a book about the Irish famine called ‘The Great Hunger’. One thing that stayed with me was that the Irish fishermen had to sell their nets to survive. Then they starved surrounded by seas full of fish. The British didn’t want to enable the lazy, shiftless Irish by sending any food aid when their agricultural economy collapsed.
    To throw a few hundred dollars a year to the middle class won’t do much. We need jobs and foreclosure relief. Otherwise the desperation will trickle up. The very rich, on the other hand, will get fire sale prices. It happened in the 20’s.

  4. Joe,
    Cantor and his posse had best “cowboy up” over the next 20 months or the 2010 mid-terms might signal the end of the GOP as we know it. While you have often stated that you are not a Republican you sure as hell spend alot of time on their side of the fence. Swallow hard now, because if Obama fails in his/our attempt to revive the economy, we ALL fail… you, me, GM, Cantor, McCain, Palin, Rahm, Reid, Pelosi, etc… You have a vested interest in this whether you want to or not.

  5. Nancy-most middle class people have a hard time making ends meet.A few hundred might not help much,but taking a few hundred more out of their pockets might actually cause a problem.In case you hadn’t noticed fees,traffic fines,prices,”small”taxes,etc are always going up.
    I know you are emotionally invested in Obama-that’s your prerogative.But he isn’t an icon-he’s a Chicago politician-he isn’t Nelson Mandela by any stretch of the imagination.He wasn’t locked up for 28 years.He has acted irresponsibly by forcing this massive spending bill on the public without any meaningful debate and virtually no examination.
    You are a medical professional.Would it be right for a doctor to employ an invasive or potentially dangerous procedure without careful forethought,except in the most extreme emergencies?
    This economic crisis has been here awhile.It was not the level of emergency that Congress couldn’t take a week to READ the bill.
    If Obama thought it was a dire emergency requiring immediate action without critical examination,I hate to think what he might do if we were faced by a potential foreign danger.Would he go to the nuclear weapons option too fast?It’s a serious question because he lacks experience.
    You know what I think?Obama was force fed this “scamulus”plan by the George Soros controlled Democratic leadership.He was out of town at the critical moments!!Then after the “great emergency”was addressed,he went shopping.Then he waited for a national holiday to make a dog and pony show of signing the bill.
    He better quit campaigning already and start doing the detail work that a President needs to do.
    BTW I haven’t noticed any lack of EBT cards being used.Middle class people just get stuck with the higher prices.
    Friendly advice:try shopping at Aldi’s on Smith Street-they have a lot of good stuff at low prices-not garbage like Savalot.

  6. Rick-I have voted democrat numerous times.Right at this point I agree with Cantor and the Republicans.The Democratic national leadership are a bunch of gun-grabbing(except for themselves),internationalist,tax and spend frauds.Are you comfortable with the millions Reed,Schumer,and Dodd took from the banking industry they were supposed to oversee?Or Barney Frank having a sexual relationship with the head of Freddie Mac?I’m not telling him who to go to bed with,but he should have taken himself off the committee.It’s not like he’s closeted or something.
    If you don’t think it is irresponsible to pass such a massive spending bill based on fiat currency to be printed without more careful consideration,then I don’t know what to tell you.
    I may have some problems like anyone else,but I didn’t buy over my head,nor run up credit bills.My wife and I did something really weird-we lived within our means.
    We worked for everything we have.We both came from blue collar backgrounds and we learned the value of earning what we wanted.And we still give about 5% of our taxable income to charities.Joe Biden gave,what was it?$300 or something.And he’s going to tell us about kicking in more.The leading Democrats are rich moneybag HYPOCRITES.

  7. Joe, do me a favor. Get a book on Herbert Hoover. There’s a new 200 page bio out, by a guy named William Leuchtenburg. Read the book.

    Then let’s talk.

    You have apparently been listing to Faux News on this. We are in danger of a deflationary trap. Deflation. The prime rate is already effectively negative. Yields on T-Bills and Bond are miniscule, if not negative. We’ve used up most of our ammo, and the only thing left is fiscal policy.

    The only way out of deflation is to inject a huge amount of money into the economy. Fast. Because once deflation takes hold, it’s a begger to get out of. Obama’s bill is not irresponsible. Bush going to war in Iraq was a million times more irresponsible. And people are still dying from that one.

    Republican principles led to the Depression. They’ve led to another deflationary trap, which is what the Depression was. Republicans refused to lift a finger in 1929-33. They preferred to let people starve. I say we don’t go down that road again.

    Read the book, Joe. It’s short and easy. Skip the first 70 pages.

    And, btw: this stimulus is, in effect, the Biggest Tax Cut Ever. And which party claims to be in favor of tax cuts? And which party stubbornly insisted on putting politics ahead of the good of the nation?

    Hint: it wasn’t the Dems.

    Also btw: Pat Robertson has come out and blasted Rush for his ridiculous hope that Obama fails. Pat Robertson has figured out that, if this stimulus fails, we all fail. Yes, that voice of reason, Pat Robertson, who blamed 9/11 on gays in San Francisco. He’s on board with the stimulus.

    And check out the Repubs who are now going back to their districts and bragging about all the money they’ve brought home because of the bill that they voted against.

    Joe, the GOP is willing to send the country down into an horrific recession to score political points.

    That’s reprehensible.

    We are in deep crap because of the GOP policies that have led to the biggest concentration of wealth in the smallest number of hands since, well, since the 1920s. And we’re up against the same scenario. And the same party is screaming their heads off to make sure we have the same outcome.

    The stimulus bill cuts taxes, Joe. And people can’t make ends meet because wages in the private sector have stagnated, while “compensation” for the upper crust has skyrocketed.

    Read the book, Joe. You can get it through the public library system.

  8. PS. And stop with the crap about how this is about mortgages. That’s a complete fabrication. If all the subprime mortgages defaulted, we’re talking about a few billion dollars on a multi-trillion dollar economy. That’s like a zit taking down a camel.

    And who gave those people the money? Did all the fraudulent folks hold a gun to the head to the mortgage companies? No. Mortgage companies were beating the bushes for anyone with a pulse and shoveling money at them. Why? Because they could turn around and sell the mortgage to a fancy Wall Street company. The mortgage company had no incentive to care if the money would ever be repaid.

    But Angelo Mozillo at Countrywide shoveled money at anyone he could, sold his mortgages and walked with tens of millions of dollars and left you and me to clean up the mess. He took more out of the company than a 1,000 people who took out a mortgage.

    And, before you give me the CRA crap. The worst offenders in this were companies like Countrywide and the dozens of others like them who were not regulated by the fed gov’t. As such, they had no obligation to give lows to low income people under CRA. That’s just another lie that the Repubs and Fox News and Rush are peddling.

    We are in this mess because of greed among America’s corporate bosses, who milked the system for all it was worth, walked off with billions of dollars in bonuses and golden parachutes and left us with the mess.

    And that clown Santelli on CNBC? That “populist” revolt? Those idiots booing Obama’s plan were commodities traders. Those guys are part of the elite. They are part of the apparatus that caused our problems. They feel entitled to their mega-bonus even when their performance hasn’t merited it. They object to Obama’s plan because they’re not benefiting personally, even though they benefiting handsomely from the circumstances that made the plan necessary.

  9. BTW:I read “The Crisis of the Old Order” in the 60’s-it was written by Schlesinger.It pretty much covered the territory.The world economies of 1929 and 2009 are “somewhat”different.

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