Life, Liberty and Property

The Declaration of Independence guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I’ve noticed that Republican politicians sometimes prefer the phrase, “life, liberty and property.” It is shocking, and I’m shocked, shocked– that they would fail to get permission before using Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle”.

The GOP’s use of the tune “was something we, as the publishers, didn’t approve and would not have approved without going to the writers,” Connie Ashton, director of copyright and licensing at Stage Three, told me. “Aerosmith did not approve of its use and also wanted to have it taken down,” she added.

I’m so sad and disillusioned. One would expect this kind of thing from a scamp like Shepard Fairie, but from the architects of the ownership society, and all those lawyers, you’d think they would have asked first.


One thought on “Life, Liberty and Property

  1. Republicans consider laws something that only OTHER people have to obey.

    IOKIYAR*, after all!

    (It’s OK if you’re a Republican…)

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