Calling All Curmudgeons

Can’t remember where I saw this, but someone had a real burnt-out take on that list–’one hundred things to do before you die’.

She made a list of things that she didn’t give a darn whether she ever did them.

Any ideas? My list of things I can die happily without ever experiencing–

Bikini wax
joining the ‘Hummer Helps’ ladies auxiliary
having a set of dishes that match
eating the deadly fugu fish (tastes just like chicken)

what’s on your list?


2 thoughts on “Calling All Curmudgeons

  1. this is actually from Joe Bernstein–
    Things I could live without trying:
    A dish I saw in a nice Taiwanese restaurant in Pittsburgh called “homestyle intestine in sour mustard”
    Learning calculus
    Visiting Myanmar
    Speaking of Chinese restaurants and curmudgeons-remember the old guy who ran Persimmon Chinese take out where Whole Foods is?My wife actually made him smile once.Their stuff was good and cheap.

  2. I would humbly suggest that these are most likely modest projects of modest interest with modest funding prospects from traditional biological/scientific sources, or commerical interests (food industry, for example) of which there still are many sources, at more modest funding levels. None is of cutting edge scientific import, and many are not worth much or are already being worked.Those of modest import require very modest funding, frequently availbale within individual universities. Much of the money will be “received” as overhead expenses for the bureaucrats at colleges and universities and never reach the researchers. Finally, noe of this should be in a publill appropriation and contributes to the further infusion of politics into science, theoretical or applied.

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