Appeal for Help

Dear Kmareka community,
One of my co-workers, a nurses’ aid who provides care every day for elderly and handicapped people, is facing a crisis in her own life. Her 23 year old daughter has scleroderma and the burden falls heavily on her and her family. Ideal Home Care has organized a benefit to raise money to provide a weekend away for a mother and daughter who have been through a lot.

On Saturday, March 28, at St. Alban’s Parish Hall, 1964 Smith St., Centredale we will be holding a Macaroni and Meatball benefit dinner, with a raffle and entertainment. It’s from 5-7pm, tickets are $10.00. It’ll be a real Rhode Island good time. Centredale is at the edge of North Providence near Yacht Club soda.

Ninjanurse will be there, and a lot of good neighbors. If you can buy a ticket, make a donation, or want more information, call Mary Jane at Ideal Home Care, 353-2230, and if Mary Jane is not there any of the office staff will be glad to give you more information.

I know we hear appeals for good causes all the time, but this is the real deal. I’m hoping Kmareka will make a showing and we’ll be able to do something nice for a family who really deserves it.

6 thoughts on “Appeal for Help

  1. Hi Nancy,

    This sounds like a wonderful community event. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it due to being in training all day on Saturday (Sexual Attitudes Reassessment Seminar) and then going to a birthday party with my younger daughter. Is there an address that people can send donations to?

  2. I found your site through a worpress auto-link. I’m glad I took the link.
    You folks here seem to be some of the most loving, caring folks!
    A bookmark is in order.

    I lost the best job (and healthcare)I ever had when the market busted, so I’ve got the time.

    In my humble opinion, the health and welfare of our nation should be measured at it’s base, not the apex.

    1. Welcome! I checked out your site briefly too — looks like we are progressive kin. Hope to do more reading of your stuff soon…

  3. Yes, we seem to be birds of a feather.
    We’ve only been doing our blog for a matter of days, and the ‘joint is hoppin’.
    We already had an audience, mostly because we all commented together at a wichita newspaper blog. It has been left to some particularly nasty right-wing bloggers who are insulting, and at times, even threatening. Lots of ‘gun nuts and/or bible thumpers’. It went way beyond civil discussions ages ago.
    Thanks for your reply, look forward to commenting here in the future.
    I may be conspicously absent for awhile.
    I’ve gotten some upper resp. bug now and don’t feel to much like reading. That’s extreme for me. I’m a news junkie and compulsive blogger!

  4. re: how to make a donation–
    call Ideal Home Care at 353-2230, they have set up a fund and will give you the info.
    thanks to all,

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