I have absolutely no moral authority to be asking this question, because:

1. I think people’s marriages are their own business
2. I’m an ex-Catholic

But what the heck? Newt Gingrich has converted to Catholicism, some say because his wife is Catholic and he wants to share her faith.

Where does that leave the status of former wives #1 and #2?

Is he now living in sin with #3, or does he have to get the first ones annulled? Will the exes cooperate? Does that affect the legitimacy of the children of the first marriage?

Or do converting politicians get a free pass? It’s all too esoteric for me, but a guy who makes a career out of telling us whose family is more valuable and what virtues we lack will have no trouble being sanctimonious. He can go to Mass with Tony Blair now, and maybe they’ll write a book about the Just War.

4 thoughts on “Annullment?

  1. I agree with you..kind of silly. Converting because someone wants you too..that is not real conversion… Conversion is accepting that faith because you in your heart need too. As for the ex wives and kids…that would be confusing!

  2. Kelly,

    Are you sure he converted just to please his wife? Ninjanurse, are you?

    I feel everyone is entitled to make moral judgments. In fact, I wish more people would take stands for things that they believe in whether they believe all people should fly kites, anyone can marry anyone, or that all potential people have a right to be born.

    However we come to our moral judgments depends on many factors. What I do believe is clear though is that if we all keep an open mind we can learn from and learn how to persuade others to our opinions.

    Further, as his actions have caused you to suspect his ability to tell “us whose family is more valuable and what virtues we lack” are a bit shaky, so too can anyone who listens to him decide if a) his actions negate his words or b) his actions detract from his words. If a man who’s lived his life as a liar tells me to look out for a tornado it’s likely I won’t believe him. The problem is, what if he’s telling the truth?

  3. I much prefer Rachel Ray to either Mr. Gingerich or Mr. O’Reilly. She may not be as charming as Julia Child, but she is delightful and a darn good cook. My kids are her greatest fans. Mr. Gingerich for all his foibles, has an intelelct and written some serious material on substantive issues, agree or not (and some silly novels, of course). Mr. O’Reilly seems to be a “legend in his own mind” more silly than real, always posturing and with not much intellectual underpinning. He was a high school teacher, and I suspect the kids got to him (fortunate for the kids, but bad for viewers). Most of what passes for his “ideology” are populist and superficial and not very sophisticated. I belive I have known more intelligent cantelopes.

    The religious views of either of these gentlemen, however, are their own. Whether they care to be Catholics, Jews, Born Again or Hindus, is their right. America is a glorious place. We allow (or did allow) anyone to say anything because we understood to allow the absurd or even nasty, gives us the right to listen to the brilliant and poetic.

  4. Ninja: In the eyes of the Roman Church, Mr Gingrich was never married before. He was living in sin with those two, but now is officially “married.”

    The Roman Church only recognizes marriages that take place “within the church” as they say.

    This applies to members only. They’re not terribly concerned what people of other faiths do, because those other faiths are wrong.

    btw: calling themselves “Catholics” is a bit of propaganda. More than one faith professes the Nicene Creed, which states belief in ‘one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.’ “Catholic” means “universal.” Hence, by using that term for themselves, they’re claiming to be THE universal church…

    As for Mr Gingrich’s motives, the proof will come when this marriage ends. As probability says it will.

    I agree that you’re free to convert to whatever you want; however, doing it for someone else…that could be a problem. This is one of those decisions that should be done for your own reasons, not to please someone else.

    Sort of like gettng married.

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