Knock it off Right Now!

Filipino devotees and an Australian man have re-enacted the Crucifixion by having themselves nailed to a cross in the Philippines. more

Filipino devotees, all you are doing is creating a mess that your family, and overburdened health care workers, will have to clean up.

Listen, you fools. Christ died for your sins. Don’t try to outdo him.

Try this advice from the prophet Micah, which Jesus would have read from the original scrolls when the Rabbis taught him in the Synagogue…

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?

Passover, Easter, the first warm day of Spring– enjoy and stay safe. Don’t nail yourself to anything.


2 thoughts on “Knock it off Right Now!

  1. I hope you give similar advice to people who have themselves pierced in dangerous places.I had an oral surgeon tell me tongue piercing was insane as the irritation could cause cancer in an area of the tongue not readily visible on an exam.
    I have been battling tongue cancer on and off since 1997 and have had six operations in all.I don’t recommend it as a way to pass the time. It is the worst form of oral cancer.

  2. you’re absolutely right. you can’t really appreciate health until something goes wrong. it doesn’t make sense to injure yourself.
    i have a lot of ear piercings but they are probably healed over now. my old sensei thought that it was a bad idea to ram earrings through your acupuncture points. i have tinnitus, so who knows?
    that’s one reason i was genuinely concerned about the cambodian plastic surgery story. it sucks culturally, and having a nose that is blocked up and hurts would wreck your quality of life every day.

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