I told them they shouldn’t have torn down the URI extension and the produce terminal. There was doubt whether the Providence Place Mall was going to work. My brother had a joke–he said there was a big ‘A’ in the basement, so when the Mall failed it would become Providence Palace Casino.

So now it’s, financially speaking, built on sand. Well, I never liked the way the water drips in the parking garage–the part they had to finish in a hurry. But it’s there, it’s not going away. It’s even kind of pretty on Waterfire nights, thanks to the Providence planners who nixed the original plan to present us a big wall and save the best face for the highway.

Can’t have a dead mall in the heart of the Creative Capital. Should RIPTA bus in teens from the deprived areas of Barrington and Johnston? It may be our only hope.


3 thoughts on “PROVIDENCE PaLACE

  1. I’m sure Aram Garabedian would like to register an opinion on this one? I seem to remember him being against it for the obvious reasons, but as it turns out, the real problem was — what? Financial incompetence? They borrowed tons of money in the housing boom? Were they in good financial shape before then?

    What a world. It might be time to get out that “A.”

  2. Actually, the bankruptcy of the parent company has nothing to do with the viability of each individual mall.

    Prov Place could be making money hand-over-fist (whatever that really means), but the owner could be losing it in 20 other properties.

    A better indicator of how PPlace is doing is the health of the stores inside it.

    And, you know, if we’re going to have a casino in this state, the place to have it is Providence. Not West Warwick, or Charlestown, but Prov, where it will supplement–rather than compete with–the Convention Center, the Dunk, the Westin…etc. I’m not in favor, but putting it in an existing facility would be the least possible evil.

  3. Interesting concept. I am aware of a couple of stores that have folded. Gee, whatever would the gangs do if they couldn’t shop there???? Invade …and do what?

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