Mainstream Attention to Human Trafficking in Rhode Island

I’m proud to say that Kmareka, and our tireless blogger and human rights advocate, Nancy Green, led the mainstream media in discussing human trafficking at length and in detail — and now the topic is front-page news at the Projo:

PROVIDENCE –– Just around the corner from the restaurants along Atwells Avenue, Tammy Dudman scrunched down inside a parked rental car outside a suspected brothel and counted “Johns.”

She wore a New York Yankees cap pulled low on her forehead; whenever someone looked in her direction she quickly ducked.

A man walked through an unmarked door.

“That makes seven!”

I nominated Nancy Green’s piece on Tara Hurley’s movie, Happy Endings?, for the Metcalf award for excellence in journalism this year, because it’s still an issue that needs to be talked about. One thing I learned while doing a 10-hour seminar on sexual attitudes was that while I am liberal and believe there is plenty of room for imagination and creativity in sexual matters, the buying and selling of sex is still something that disturbs me profoundly. Thank you to Nancy Green and to Tara Hurley for continuing to explore this complicated issue, searching for ways to strengthen human rights for those involved in the flesh trades.


3 thoughts on “Mainstream Attention to Human Trafficking in Rhode Island

  1. it’s very interesting that two members of the general assembly–
    Joanne Gianinni and Rhoda Perry–
    are both supporting bills that would increase penalties for anyone who lures a minor into prostitution. In the past, Rep. Giannini and Sen. Perry have disagreed on other bills and been far apart on civil liberties vs fighting crime. that they both want to see this bill go through is a good sign.

  2. Is there somewhere we can go to vote on this article? Nancy was the first person I let see the film for review because I knew she was invested in the issue. I really hope Nancy gets the credits, awards, and honors she deserves.

  3. I was not able to access the page about guidelines for the Metcalf Award. Here is a link to the RI for Community and Justice website, which sponsors the award:

    Ann Clanton was the contact person who told me how to nominate a blog post. The awards are May 14th — we can keep our fingers crossed!

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