In Memory

I was driving up Warwick Avenue when I saw a huge roadside shrine on the corner of Pilgrim Pkwy for Kimberly Pisaturo who was killed in a tragic accident while on her way to school this Friday. My sincerest sympathies to her family and friends, from an alum of Pilgrim High School, class of ’73.

One thought on “In Memory

  1. I was at a 7 year old’s birthday party tonight and this was on the minds of some of the parents too. It was interesting. Some felt the girl shouldn’t have had these on so loud. Another completely blamed the bus driver saying she slowed down and then proceeded to run over her and how could the driver not have known. It’s truly horrible when a death occurs with onlookers. They will never forget the trauma. Truly a tradedy!

    Unfortunately, I have notice more and more of these memorials than ever before. Shouldn’t we really ban cell phone usage while driving and wearing your iPod or the like? I do realize this was not the case in this incidence…I am merely connecting more the memorials that are all over.

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