Level 2 and 3 Sex Offenders at Harrington Hall (ACI)

It came to the attention of City Officials late last week, that the State has begun transferring LEVEL 2 and 3 Sex Offenders to Harrington Hall, a homeless shelter located on the ACI property.  An anonymous flier was distributed in the Garden Hills neighborhood over the weekend alerting residents of the situation.

The community has not been officially alerted of the placement of numerous (the total number is currently unconfirmed) sex offenders at that location.  Since Harrington Hall is a homeless shelter, all residents are released into the community daily at 7am when the shelter closes!

There is a community meeting scheduled for Monday, May 11 at 7pm at the Cranston East Auditorium and I urge all to attend as local and state officials will be on hand to discuss the placement of sex offenders and (lack thereof) of community notification.

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  1. The Cranston Police stated there were 4 additional S.O. released to Harrington Hall at the ACI. I asked the Mayor’s office to post on their website and ensure that ALL of the Cranston Delagation was invited (and should be there for this HOT topic). As you know, there are many loopholes here in R.I…..like why aren’t we listing addresses on these flyers?

    Also, if a Sex Offender MUST list a resident address upon their release – then how is it okay that a Homeless Shelter is viewed as a Residence? Only in Rhode Island.

  2. Ask Cranston Rep.Art Handy why he opposed tracking these dangerous individuals when eh voted against Jessica’s Law.
    I asked him in person and his answer made no sense at all.
    All you people here who adore Steven Brown can thank him for his continued support for the “rights” of these people.
    These people are not accused,they are convicted.Those who cannot be tracked are appealing their classification,NOT their guilt.
    Peter Palumbo is trying to close this loophole in the face of resistance by the ACLU.
    I realize a lot of Kmareka supporters/commenters adore the ACLU.That organization has become a major enabler of pedophiles and other sex offenders.
    One of their staff attorneys in NY was convicted of attempted sexual assault on a minor and their former Virginia director was convicted in a child porno case.
    Study the actions of the ACLU in the NAMBLA case,a private lawsuit by a victim’s family and compare that with their putative mission to defend the Constitution.
    The ACLU is full of crap.

    1. There were 4,000 housing vouchers that became available not too long ago. There have been people waiting at Harrington Hall that are not sex offenders and they did not get a voucher. I’m told most of the vouchers were given to sex offenders and they were placed all over the state. They had first dibs to be placed in any apartment they wanted as long as the landlord agreed to take the voucher. They could stay at these apartments up to $1200.00 a month. Paying one third of their income.?????????????????????????????

  3. Councilperson Andrews was impressive on Helen Glover this morning and seemed to be right on target and moving forward on the issue.

  4. PREVALENCE is the percentage of the population that is affected by child sexual abuse; the general existence of child sexual abuse.
    CONSEQUENCE is the impact that child sexual abuse has on a victim/survivor and on our society over time.

    Sexual abuse touches every life when it leads to losses of trust, decreases in self esteem, and development of shame, guilt and depression.
    Sexual abuse touches every life when it leads to eating disorders, substance abuse, suicide, promiscuity/prostitution, and other psychobehavioral issues;

    Joe is exactly right. The ACLU was enacted to represent people that needed it. Did they forget about VICTIMS. I am so sick of the ACLU not keeping their promise to those that needed a bigger voice and ensure that when the rights of victims (which is a LIFE SENTENCE, we have NO PAROLE) is not taken with the same alarm of “rights of S.O.’s” is sickening. When the 30 year sentence is given and the S.O. only does 6 years and is out for raping a 6 year old boy…the rest of the time is considered PAROLE and accordingly they shouldn’t have ANY RIGHTS while on parole. It’s disgusting that they are not part of the solution for victims and continue to preech there is recovery for these people and the criminally insane. WHY? I am disgusted by Art Handy’s posture on Jessica’s Law which I testified in person for along with many other courageous people.

    RI doesn’t list street addresses (both work and home) for IMPUSLE DRIVEN S.O.’s and we should be working change the behavior.

    Make them VOLUNTEER workers while they are collecting. This would keep them busy. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. There really needs to be an uprising in Rhode Island and reclaim the control instead of mindless (mostly) legislation that quashed because if affects someone in their royal helm.

    I will be interested to see if anything is really accomplished on Monday, moreover, if it is truly a cataylst for change down the road.

  5. Please remember not all residents of Harrington Hall are sex offenders. There needs to be community notification. The state needs to provide a program for these people to keep an eye on them, especially those level 3 who are likely to be repeat offenders. This idea of just releasing a person (sex offendor)into a shelter with nothing set up in place to protect the community is rediculus. We need to place people into a safe enviornment. The state does not want to spend the money to do the right thing. They release sex offenders into homelessness where there is no structure or safeguards for our kids.

    1. I understand your point Kiersten, however, the immediate concern is this, we are housing S.O.’s which were formerly housed by the Urban League facility and Cicciline wasn’t to happy and wanted them out. Then they work a deal with the State to house them in Cranston. Was the Cranston Administration privy to those talks?

      Did they decide that our special accomodations had a monetary Kaching to it? Obviously when the State first came there and housed people we probably only responded 1/10 of what we are doing now and that bears a financial burden to the taxpayers.

      There are so many out of state prisons – I would prefer to house them out in the desert in Nevada….where they can get prickly if they decide to go out and hump a cactus (LOL!) Plus there isn’t a lifetime sentence imposed of the moslested cactus, like with us.

      From the Cranston Herald – these comments SHOULD alarm you:
      “Of our victims here in the unit, 98 percent were assaulted by someone they knew,” Kocon said.
      She said adults need to be vigilant about children’s and friends’ well-being in general, instead of panicking when some homeless ex-convicts are assigned to a local shelter.” The reason you should be concerned is because if they are roaming around and become on of the usuals seen at the ballfield, Borders, library etc and because a acquaintance friend to you and your child – this is how they work. So this is exactly why you should panick.

      What can we do? Several things. The question is really what are our legislators really willing to do?

      One idea of many that I think about is mandate that while they live there – if they are not working – then they MUST volunteer and do community work which really isn’t for free because they are getting something in exchange. What they get is some self worth (I suppose).

    2. Kiersten,
      Although I would not be thrilled to have a registered sex offender move into my neighborhood, my issue with this is that there are numerous sex offenders being housed together.

      I don’t know where is the best place for them to be, but I don’t think that enabling them to use the address of a homeless shelter that closes daily at 7am is a very good solution to the problem.

  6. Catherine,
    That is an important point that not all of the homeless residents at Harrington Hall are sex offenders. Its not the institution itself that is the problem, it is the placement of numerous sex offenders. Not only are the residents of Cranston at risk, but so are the residents of Harrington Hall.

  7. Exactly Rachel.

    I bumped into Senator Hanna Gallo and said we need to occupy their time and have them do a mandated volunteer in exchange for room and board at the shelter. This would enable them to KEEP BUSY and Cranston to have maybe the streets cleaned.

    She said the Bill that I asked her to file last year didn’t encompass all the children areas (i.e. ballfields) and this new piece of legislation she is putting it will cover that. I assumed this was on the first one. My My…..

  8. I don’t even know how the regular homeless came up in this discussion.True,some of them may be mentally ill or have substance problems,but that’s a whole different planet than sexual predators.

  9. Happened in MA, but I just saw it on the Channel 10 website. Note his offender designation.

    Published: May 11, 2009

    WESTPORT, Mass. – A Fall River man was arrested for allegedly exposing himself in Westport.

    A female jogger noticed Edmund A. Rego, 37, exposed while he was staring at a house where a seven year old boy was riding his bicycle.

    The jogger noted the license plate on the van and reported the incident to police.

    Rego fled the scene when he spotted the jogger.

    Approximately two hours later, Westport Police stopped the van and arrested Rego, who was charged with Lewd and Lascivious Behavior, which is a felony.

    Rego is a Level III Sex Offender.

    He was held on $25,000 cash bail and will be arraigned at Fall River Second District Court on Monday.

  10. That is a good idea Suzanne, let them volunteer at parks picking up papers or at libraries putting books back.

    how about we let them clean Edgewood

  11. Actually Libraries and ballfieds would be exempt. Nice Mr. Smartalik!

    Actually it would be more highway stuff or volunteering in our govt backroom offices or perhaps even at the ACI doing some filing etc.

    Do you have a better idea, perhaps one that is not baiting the one’s trying to help ~ Tisk tisk.

  12. Oh, and yes, I moved to Edgewood – no secret. Just as I have the b@lls to post my name…Casper. Yes, if there were with a supervisor whom oversaw their cleanup of Roger Williams or some of the riverways – I would have no problem with that.

  13. There’s this fiction that everyone is equal under the law.
    Well, I don’t buy it for a minute.
    If a convicted car thief or drug dealer moves onto my block,I wouldn’t celebrate,but since I lock my car and don’t do drugs,I could live with it.Where I grew up those people were a dime a dozen.Even had a few in my family.
    Sex offenders in Category 2 and 3 are an active danger 24/7.Kind of like a leaking gas main.
    Children should not be put in danger because the state takes a lackadaisical attitude about this issue.

  14. I agree Joe. At tonight’s meeting a woman stated that all Sex Offenders (Levels I, II and III) are the same. This is not true. I do think pedophiles should be labeled with a “P” before the level to differenciate. It is clearly more of a haeneous act.

    I suggested we put them to work as an unvoluntary mandate if they are to be housed in Cranston which enables them 1) to keep busy during the hours at a job that is NOT near children 2) helps the business/community they are volunteering for 3) helps increase their self esteem by working and doing something productive. Why can’t we do this? or does Steve Brown of the ACLU have some stupid reason?
    Additionally, the flyers have a tag at the bottom that need to be conferred with the Cranston Police before duplication. However, upon further review of that tag line under the RI General Laws, you cannot duplicate period. So what does the “Good Faith Immunity” law mean? Why can’t we have better public notification and work together? This makes no sense and AG said they would get back.

    Shame on Councilman Lupino for not stepping down when asked. I found this to be hugely disrespectful. And the last question he pushed to ask was not understood. No one around could disect what it was. Perhaps he will be better able to articulate this through writing and explaining it to us.

    Council President Lanni made the politician promises and thankfully did back up Councilwoman Michelle Andrews by saying they would endorse any legislation put forth on Sex Offenders.

    One Councilman suggested we build and utilize some other housing in Howard complex and house them there. What sense does this make since we are talking about their comings and goings during the day??

    A public commentator, Manny Andrews, Esq (a/k/a husband of Councilwoman Michelle Bergin-Andrews spoke as a CLCF Coach that there are some inherent problems with the notification. He was a charismatic and powerful speaker.

    Rep. Peter Palumbo, Sen Hanna Gallo and Rep. Mattiello were very impressive and helped close the legislative aspects. Palumbo was particularly humbling and seems bent on changing the system in RI, as there are many loopholes along with those sentiments of Sen. Gallo.

    Mr. Langly was clearly in the hot seat tonight, but to his merit answered most of the questions and clearly was uncomfortable with those that sounded were scarey answers.

    The Mayor seems dedicated to resolution of this issue. However, I still find it back door politics that Urban League and Providence and the State all had the talk about where they were going and our Mayor Fung only just found out was wrong on their parts. I trust he will get to the bottom of it, and we support those sentiments.

    HATS OFF to Andrea I. and Councilwoman Begin-Andrews who did a masterful job at organizing!

    I left at 9:20 and I heard the meeting didn’t end until 10:35pm – GOOD!

  15. Suzanne, I saw you speak, I was there taking notes. I think there is merit in your suggestion that sex offenders on parole be mandated to a work program until they find a job. It will cost money to implement a work program. My experience talking to single mothers on welfare who were mandated to work was that they were panicked over the difficulty of finding an agency that would accept them as volunteers. You were well spoken, and I appreciated that you did not vilify all the men in the shelter, whose common denominator is homelessness.

    There were some in the audience who broke into hostile laughter when Mr.Langly answered the questions, and Rep.Palumbo suggested a couple of times that we defund the Urban League. Does he think that all the people in the shelter are from elsewhere, and there is no homelessness in Cranston?

    I hope the outcome of all this will be that the Governor will get involved and a better system will be set up to house sex offenders on parole, or those who have completed their sentence. This will run up against the anti-tax sentiment I heard.

    Incarceration costs money, monitoring costs money, rehabilitation costs money.

    In Rachel Mc Nally’s post a witness cared enough to report a parole violation to the police and get a repeat offender back into the prison system.

    Our mutual goal is to protect children. It was fear and anger that brought out enough citizens to fill the auditorium at Cranston East. It seems like a problem has been dumped on Urban League, a homeless agency, that is outside its mandate and belongs to the prison and parole system.

  16. Thanks for the follow-up comments about the meeting, Suzanne and Nancy. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I didn’t see a story in the Projo online. Was there one in the print edition?

  17. I also was at the meeting and I must commend Councilwoman Bergin-Andrews on her ability to organize such a great forum. She had a wonderful array of panel members and it was encouraging to see our state delegation in attendance. I have already forwarded my comments to the Councilwoman.

    I wasn’t able to stay to hear public speaking but I am sure there were many good questions. One question I had but was unable to ask but I am hoping someone here may know the answer. Why is ANY criminal allowed to be paroled when they have no permenate address?

  18. It was both Andrea I. and Councilwoman Bergin-Andrews that orchestrated the fine event and both should be applauded.

    Mr. Barone, you may find this to be a gem of a information for you:


    It explains the difference between Parole and Probation, which I didn’t know the facts on.

    Answer to your question:


    I don’t like this answer under Title 13, Chaper 13-8, Section 13-8.14:
    “§ 13-8-14 Release criteria. – (a) A permit shall not be issued to any prisoner under the authority of §§ 13-8-9 -13-8-13 unless it shall appear to the parole board:

    (1) That the prisoner has substantially observed the rules of the institution in which confined, as evidenced by reports submitted to the board by the director of the department of corrections, or his or her designated representatives, in a form to be prescribed by the director;

    (2) That release would not depreciate the seriousness of the prisoner’s offense or promote disrespect for the law;

    (3) That there is a reasonable probability that the prisoner, if released, would live and remain at liberty without violating the law;

    (4) That the prisoner can properly assume a role in the city or town in which he or she is to reside. In assessing the prisoner’s role in the community the board shall consider:

    (i) Whether or not the prisoner has employment;

    (ii) The location of his or her residence and place of employment; and ”

    I find this information quite problematic. I suggest you e-mail Paula Korcon at the Parole Board for the more conclusive answer to your question because there were annotated By-laws which I recently pointed out to officials that we NEED to list an EXACT address under the Federal Law to be compliant with the Adam Walsh Act in the new by-laws. Paula can be e-mailed at: pkocon@doc.state.ri.us

    Thank you, please share your results.

  19. I am livid over this whole thing! I spoke at the meeting last night. I am a mother of two myself. My family pays such high property taxes to live in Cranston! We deserve to live here! This is a beautiful city. A city to raise our children in without chronic fear. Don’t even give me the word sex offender! They are not offenders! They are people who get great pleasure in brutally raping children! Childen and women both! They are not fixable! Neither are the victims…survivors rather, who have experienced such a tramatizing thing who have to live with it everyday! It effects there very core for the rest of there lives! It just takes not even seconds to rip the innocence away from a child and they can never ever get it back! Is that what you want us to have to deal with in Cranston on a daily basis! We worry about our children enough as it is! This is ridiculous and should not even be debated! I met a wonderful women last night who her family or good friend is a suicide victim of rape! She couldn’t take it anymore! This woman was in tears and I could feel her sorrow and pain. Do you really want more people to have to experience such horrific things!
    These men at this homeless shelter will be like little kids in candy stores! Giving them free reign of our youth! The police department have enought to worry about as it is!
    Are they going to be on treatment?? I was watching court TV and they use Depo-Prevera on sexual preditors. Is that an option? It helps them control that obsession and think more clearly. Many men who have had the shots have explained the help that it has given them and that should be an option for them and us in our communities who have to deal with such people! The men who decide to try the treatment we will know that they are trying to at least look for options for their horrific mental disease. Then men who chose not too..at least we will know that they would rather be the way they are and like to do what they are doing! The doctors administering the traetment will know who choses to try and help themselves. Personally I was on Depo-Prevera and I watched a week later on a court tv show that they were giving it to rapists! I was shocked, especially that I had just been given it the week before! And I must say that it does tone you down in every way, let’s put it that way. So I’m sure that it would benefit many sexual criminals. At least give them a treatment that has been proven to work!
    Secondly putting our children in contact with these men who will try to vioate there innocence you are creating more sexual preditors! Many of those men were once in their lives sexually abused or raped. They become tramatized by that experience and in turn do the same that was done to them. Don’t we live through enough trials and tribulations in our lives as it is???
    I feel that the families in those homeless shelter should not have to live among those criminals! What sleep with one eye open all the time?? Since the shelter has only three of four people working the shift at a time and 60 or 70 people residing at the shelter! It was said last night that there recently was a stabbing there!! A person was stabbed over 10 times! OK…I want that right around the corner from me! That’s for sure! Like I was saying put the families in Cranston so they can live in a nice area for them and there children and put the pedifiles in Providence! This is a gigantic world and your telling me that they can only be put in Cranton?!! Come on tell me another one! I deserve to live here with the good people of Cranston. Raising my children with out the close chronic fear of being violated!
    Isn’t the Cranston real estate market going to go down drastically? Who wants to live in an area with sexual preditors looming large? They have nothing to lose! They don’t belong here! They will affect everything that we live in Cranston for! We have to worry about home invasions. You are putting and army of sexual preditors on our streets!! Shopping in Garden City, going to the libraries…forget the parks!! Who will want to live here and the people here will want to leave but will not be able to. Who will want to buy there home? Not me!
    There has to be a place that they can go that will not affect the our community! We must apply for government grants for this city. We must come together and fight this tooth and nail! This must not happen! We deserve to be safe! Our safety is not debatable! And you have not hear the last of me!

  20. (4) That the prisoner can properly assume a role in the city or town in which he or she is to reside. In assessing the prisoner’s role in the community the board shall consider:

    (i) Whether or not the prisoner has employment;

    (ii) The location of his or her residence and place of employment; and

    (iii) The needs of the prisoner for special services, including but not limited to, specialized medical care and rehabilitative services; and

    Thanks Ms. Arena, it helped a little. I still didn’t read anywhere where the parolee needs a valid residence.

    This may be a loophole that needs to be filled. I think we need to resolve the immediate problem at hand first and then re look at this. If we don’t then it is like wiping up the puddle without fixing the pipe, if you get my drift.

  21. Jennifer, I share your outrage that anyone should have to fear violence, never mind survive being victimized. I am a mother myself, and a grand daughter of a survivor.
    Welcome Arnold building on the ACI campus was the state shelter for many years before it was demolished. A homeless shelter in Cranston is not a new thing.
    Most of the men at Harrington Hall have no criminal records. Their common denominator is lack of a place to live.
    The average rent is very high compared to the minimum wage. Unemployment is growing. Veterans are returning to a bad economy. Some veterans of Vietnam, Korea and WWII are still struggling. Ideally a homeless shelter should be a door to social services.
    I think it was unfair to dump this problem on the Urban League, and I think it is unfair to assume that all homeless men are criminals.

  22. Nice post Jennifer. I have long spouted about mandating they are given at each parole check in the Depo-Prevera you refer to. You are correct and so is the research, especially in combination with a behavior modification rehabilitive counseling it actually assists in modifying both the impulse and behavior you speak of. However, the ACLU and Steve Brown will tell you this is INHUMANE. Yup, please feel free to e-mail him…he’ll come up with some Boloney.

    Mr. Barone, this is exactly the problem with the Guidelines, perhaps with your former service to the City you can elicit more answers than I have been able to. Paula Korcon at the Parole Board has provided me with lots of entertainment and not much else.

    I do also do not concur with all homeless are criminals. On April 29, 2009 Frontline on PBS did show on criminals being released this year at a mass exeadous of 700,000 and never before so many. Of that number 1/2 are severely mentally impaired and many schizophrenia and the only way to have them be successful is to MEDICATE and provide a strong SUPPORT network. The GPS in this example will not work. The only benefit is to provide a find of them, when a haneous act happens and then they send the signal out. It would prove more benefical other ways.
    GPS post: http://www.topix.com/forum/law/criminal-defense/T46DV88BKIRIM37OM#comments

  23. The Providence Center has mobile treatment teams that follow clients, monitor their medication and provide support. I’ve seen them find housing for homeless clients.
    Like every other social safety net, the Providence Center has seen funding cuts.
    The reason that so many prisoners are being released is that states can’t afford to keep so many people locked up.
    As I drive around greater Providence I see many ‘for rent’ signs, and more people walking the streets with all their possessions in a suitcase.

    1. I felt that I needed to respond to Nancy’s post stating that it was only fear and anger that caused so many people to come out for that meeting. What you fail to state Nancy is that the fear and anger is wholly justified and accurate in this matter. These men are sex offenders, convicted and registered. They were convicted of molesting and sexually assaulting children as young as 6 and the majority are recidivists. One is known to target adult females and is also a recidivist. I’d say fear and anger is more than justified.

      These men are were placed in an unsupervised situation in an area absolutely loaded with children.

      The Urban League has become one of the targets in this matter because Mr. Langely repeatedly misrepresented the truth during that meeting and when interviewed by news agencies. Did people laugh in a hostile manner at the meeting when Mr. Langely said that the sex offenders were supervised? No, they laughed when Mr. Langley was pressed about this and had to admit that there are ONLY 3 staff at the shelter with to up to 80 residents. Sorry, it would be physically impossible for them to adequately supervise the 10 sex offenders. They are not supervised despite Mr. Langely’s empty promises that they were. They can go for a stroll at anytime, and during the day they can stroll around our neighborhoods. And now three are missing, but I guess we shouldn’t be concerned or fearful????

      Should the state do more, absolutely. This is a state issue and that needs to be addressed.

      According to the state parole board website, there are 64 sex offenders in Cranston. Of that 64, 48 are currently incarcerated, only 6 live in the community, and 10 are placed at Harrington Hall. I believe that the 48 are only listed in Cranston due to the location of the ACI. No other city, including Providence which has 5o something sex offenders, has any incarcerated sex offenders listed. Which means Cranston really only had 6 sex offenders prior to the 10 being placed by the Urban League and the state at Harrington Hall.

      This was a deliberate move, these men were moved here by the Urban League and the State. Mr. Langley lives in East Greenwich, so he has no standing to comment on how I should feel about sex offenders. East Greenwich has zero sex offenders….

      Lastly, for anyone to claim that this is a homeless issue is simply wrong. This is an issue of numerous sex offenders being placed where they don’t belong with no supervision.

  24. Jim, you are right that this is a state issue. I did not see any representative of the Governor at the meeting.
    The Urban League should not have the task of monitoring sex offenders just because they happen to be homeless. I think this was dumped on them. That job needs more resources than the Urban League can provide.
    I live in Providence, I occasionally get those notices of an offender in my neighborhood. ‘Send them all to Prairie Avenue’ got laughs a couple of times. That’s my city. I know that neighborhood well.
    I know that the risk of re-offense is high. The people who came to that meeting have valid concerns. It only takes one.
    But like they say in mental health- ‘All the cashews ain’t in the can.’
    Rep. Palumbo used the phrase ‘pedophile-free zone’. If such a thing existed I would have moved there years ago. If East Greenwich has no pedophiles or rapists they have a uniquely safe town and we should find out what their secret is.
    A modest suggestion–for the homeless men who are not sex offenders, ensure there are enough RIPTIKS for all of them to leave Cranston during the day. There’s no services there and they are probably hanging out in the library or Garden City to get out of the cold.

  25. Nancy,

    I can answer why EG has no pedophiles. It’s because they don’t have a prison, any state institutions or homeless shelters.

    That’s the secret…………..

  26. There are known pedophiles, and there are those who are never caught. And there are those who have positions of trust and access to children and inflict their damage for years.
    It’s all bad.
    We fear the violent stranger, and this debate is about how to monitor paroled men with a past history of violence. I hope the outcome will be a better system than the present inadequate supervision. I think this is a case where ‘saving our tax dollars’ will have to take second place to public safety. But the city of Cranston should not have to carry the whole burden.

  27. I totally agree that this is mostly a failure by state government. The state has no plan and as far as I know, no plan in the works. The state allowed this happen and is doing nothing about it.

    I don’t blame the Urban League for not supervising these guys, they are not funded or staffed to do so. But I do blame them because they said they are supervising these guys when they were not. They didn’t tell anyone in that community meeting that 3 sex offenders staying at the shelter were missing!!!!!!! That news came out the next day. Funny Mr. Langly didn’t mention that at the meeting, nor did the Cranston P.D.

    Mr. Langly, the CEO of the Urban League repeatedly minimized this issue in the media, minimized it in the community meeting and misrepresented facts. The Urban League as an agency agreed to take sex offenders in their shelter and said that they could do this safely. The powers that be, both the state and the Urban League saw no issue with placing multiple sex offenders in the same location.

  28. I hope the outcome will be a better system for placing sex offenders, and no parole until they have a permanent address. Better to have the community raise this issue now than for some crime to happen.
    The homeless men at Harrington Hall need aid in finding housing and employment.
    I used to volunteer on the Travelers Aid mobile medical van. The number of people who are homeless and sick is troubling. Through the emergency room and onto the streets.
    Rhode Island needs to promote affordable housing, especially in these times.

  29. “Idle hands are the Devil’s Work.” As the saying goes. As I have suggested …we make them involuntarily work and pay them a small pittance.

    New York recently passed legislation http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gpL78WpcbXszMArci5KOxGiSfm-QD982OHM80 charging those that stay in Homeless Shelters. So give those Sex Offenders work either on the highway, waterways, or at the State ACI and a small wage which will cancel out by giving them a monthly fee. Hence you are getting around the Indentured Servant thinking. Clearly it will be cheaper to pay them and a wash-out if we charge them every month. Also, what Cranston pays in emergency staff and now the State Police are checking in too – the cost of a oversight officer to monitor their work would be cheaper!

    Keep them busy, even improving their self esteem (not that I care, because I know they are ill) and give them a shot of Depro-Povera or Depro-Lupron suppres the sex drive in men and chemically castrate their impulse…please!

    I took Gano Street the other day and went under the brige and there was a ton of tents and homeless people that had set up a “Hobo” type camp. It was really nice…and really sad…I kept thinking how many families are forced in these camps and how many sex offenders are mixed in unknown. In this case they wouldn;t get notification….but we should.

    Food for thought….what is the Screening process for Leaders in Cub/Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts; Volunteers at your schools and Assistant Coaching at CLCF or elsewhere? Think you know, think again.

  30. One explanation for the tents, which were not there the last time I drove down Gano St., is the unemployment rate, the cost of rent and the minimum wage.
    I agree in principle with your idea that work and wages and responsibility are conducive to mental health. I think it is wrong to consign so many people in our society to dependence, and I would put access to work as a human right if we could think that far ahead. Work as a part of parole monitoring might be effective, especially if it included skills training that would lead to financial independence.
    I don’t know how effective Depo is. I had a nursing home patient who was on it, and it did not improve his behavior. But that’s just one demented old man.
    Just a suggestion–men stop laughing at rape jokes. Some of the guys you think are funny are not joking. I speak from experience–everyone figures it out after the funny guy is scooped by the police.

  31. Nancy-I don’t know anyone who laughs about rape and my circle of friends are not exactly the wine and cheese crowd.
    It sounds like you are going out of your way to defend Dennis Langley-I find him preachy and condescending.
    I don’t want to go off-topic,but maybe you ought to ask some of the laid off social workers he oversaw about what a great guy he is.

  32. I was recalling a co-worker whose jokes were creepy and inappropriate. None of the guys ever told him to tone it down. Imagine the shock when it turned out he was an offender.
    I have to admit to staying silent too many times when my co-workers felt safe because I am ‘white’ and let loose with racial joke. I finally grew up enough to call them on it–the world didn’t end.

  33. Nancy, huh?? Most of the sex offenders and child rapists I’ve interviewed in my 15 years as an investigator for the state were not the funny guys, not even to their friends.

    I think were getting way too off topic. Instead of going off on tangents defending people who are not even being attacked, can we focus on the REAL LIFE sex offenders that are living at harrington hall right NOW. We KNOW what they did and are likely to do again.

    We can go around and around with theory and speculation about how certain groups are consistently being screwed by society but that won’t solve anything here.

    Nancy, you talk about staying silent too long when people were making racial jokes… Well speak up now about the fact that men who have molested children are living in our neighborhood!!!!

    Reality is that everyone makes inappropriate jokes at one point or another. In my line of work, having a dark sense of humor is one of the only ways to survive.

  34. It seems likely that public pressure will force the state to set up a better system for monitoring known sex offenders.
    What do we do to protect children from molesters who have no record?

    1. This IS a whole problem in itself, as it was Federally mandated after 1996 that the notification system went into place. However, before that release date – Sex Offenders are grandfathered in to ‘protection” from discovery in living in your neighborhood. Do you really think there aren’t many out there??? Just because you didn’t get the notice before 1996….those nice neighbors you have actually aren’t who you think they are.

      How we protect our children is the same ways in which we teach “how to” be fiscally responsible; not to be bully’s; to be safe (i.e., not running in the street, running down train tracks with an iPod on, etc). If we were cave people or in the wild, wouldn’t we teach our young the thing that should mean the most to them to know for protection????

      I think many parents are nieve in not teaching. I believe in teaching and being a visionary, which is not easy living in Rhode Island (LOL!). Jim has tried to guide us back to the issue…..Harrington Hall, but I see this as a State issue and we need viable solutions.

      If you are interested in joining forces and being part of the solution here….e-mail me, as there is a group of parents/residents in Glen Hills that are brainstorming. Thanks to Kmareka, the possibilities are that much easier!

  35. Since we know that there are homeless sex offenders, maybe there should be a specific homeless shelter designed to address this. This would mean an appropriate location, staffed by well trained personnel, high levels of supervision, and a zero tolerance policy for any infractions (of any kind) by the sex offender residents.

    Giving these guys housing is a gift to them and they need to earn it. Therefore there should be rules and strings attached. As far as I’m concerned, even giving them a roof over their heads is too good for them, but I supposed the alternative is worse.

    Suzanne, your right, we have no idea how many actual sexual predators there are out there. We don’t know who half of them are. Most aren’t arrested and even the ones who are, most are not convicted. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t trust anyone. We have to watch our kids and have open and frank talks about this type of thing.

    What scares me is that the folks who are making the decisions right now at the state level and the Urban League have no idea what they are doing. I think the move to place these 10 men in Harrington Hall is a perfect example of this.

  36. This morning before I took my daughter to gymnastics we spent some time [9:45am] playing at the Brayton Park playground. I purposely struck up a conversation with a couple with two small ones asking if they played here and they said no we play for CLCF at another field and were just waisting time here because of the playground. I then asked if they had seen a community board at their field which reflected the current Sex Offender flyers. No they replied. That got me to thinking. I put on my sleuth cap and went to the concession building and spoke to a man that I inquired as to where the board was with the notifications of the Sex Offenders in light of the recent meeting about Harrington Hall. He said they didn’t have any. He said he wasn’t able to go to the meeting and that he was putting together a book on them (whatever that meant I wasn’t curious enough to ask) and then he spoke to the guy that runs that park “Tommy”.
    He said we aren’t able to post them. WHAT I said. He said it’s against the law. What the @#$#%! He also said we really (love that word) haven’t received any to put up either. I said thanks a bunch, I will be sure to look into it and be sure that you get something.

    So, I was pissed that they don’t have a “Brag Wall of Sex Offender Flyers”. This is a term often used for reflecting pics when a new baby is born that Grandmothers often have a cabinet, wall at the office which they call the Brag Wall. Sorry, if this is repetitive to you…. At one time not too long ago I didn’t know what that meant. Sorry, I digress. I called Senator Hanna Gallo and happened to catch her coming in for lunch – I told her about my outrage and wanted to know if she was aware of this problem. She then asked me, is that against the law? I’ll have to check into this I said, but I am going to ask Rep. Palumbo about it too. I want ALL of the Parks that have concession stands or a common area that the parents/coaches frequent to view the Level II and Level III’s which should be noticed – RIGHT>>>> Come’on this is crazy! So, I will write to Bethany at the A.G.’s office on the question from the other night (tag at the bottom of the flyers saying they can’t be
    duplicated) along with this new question.

    Any light you can cast on these issues are always appreciated, I would love to hear from someone who knows to save some wear and tear on my sneakers – LOL!

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