May Thoughts

If April is the cruelest month, especially in Rhode Island where it sleets, drips and freezes so that the little spring flowers are compost before they even finish blooming–still we believe. May is what we hoped April would be, and it’s here.

I haven’t raked the yard yet, but I’m having green thoughts, especially since the leaves came out on the trees.

Check out Natural News Network as a green, Rhode Island news source, with vital info such as the location of Green Drinks and the Farmer’s Markets. It’s a fresh and local site.

One thought on “May Thoughts

  1. THE BEST month in RI is late October when things are dying and the sunsets mimic the trees.
    Cool,dry evenings,but not enough so you have to enrich National Grid.
    I was born in early November so I guess that’s why it is my time of the year to feel good.

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