A Well-balanced Meal

Just what you need to wash down the 4,800 calorie burgerMen’s Health reports on the 2,300 calorie shake–

The menu description may sound simple enough: “A blend of HEATH Bar Crunch and Jamoca® ice creams, chopped HEATH Bar pieces and caramel, topped with whipped cream and chopped HEATH Bar pieces.” But the ingredient list reveals a much more complicated story. Methyl paraben, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80: You’d need a degree in chemical engineering just to have a shot at cracking this brain-freezing code. All told, the list of ingredients runs seven inches and 73 ingredients long. Whatever happened to the days when a milkshake was just ice cream and milk?

NPR was reporting today about a restaurant that will run a pie through the blender for you. That way you don’t exert yourself chewing.

I’m trying to ease into moderation–wouldn’t want to be extreme about it. I’m eating frozen berries and pretending it’s ice cream. Eating while net surfing is the worst vice I have ever fallen into. Has anyone out there managed to break that habit?

2 thoughts on “A Well-balanced Meal

  1. so far the best I can do when I get the internet munchies is to fill a bowl with frozen berries, some milk and cereal. it’s not calorie free, but it’s better than Cheetos and doesn’t get orange dust on the keyboard.

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