Tax Gay Marriage

I still can’t believe that the Governor wants to cut off insurance for pregnant women in Rhode Island. And this while Massachusetts is enjoying revenue from all the people who come for same-sex marriage and spend big bucks.

When I went to the hearings most opponents seemed to be from churches. My church has blessed same-sex unions for thirty years. Are we heretics? Let God sort it out.

According to one poll, Rhode Islanders don’t want to be an island of inequality. From

PROVIDENCE — The majority of Rhode Islanders support the idea of same-sex marriage in the Ocean State, with 60 percent in favor of gay nuptials and 31 percent opposed, according to a new Brown University poll.

An even larger percentage –– three quarters of respondents — said they would favor same-sex civil unions.

One benefit of letting committed partners make it legal will be seen in the health and social work system. There’s no way to calculate how much of the burden of care is carried by families. When a sick person is sent home from the hospital it’s spouse and/or family who takes responsibility.

I think there’s a fee for a marriage license. If we call it the ‘tax gay marriage’ law and point out the financial savings will it pass? We already have civil marriage that many religions consider to be unblessed. We don’t bar divorcees from re-marrying, for example.

Let the state be the state and the church be the church.

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