They Have Meds for That

Or do they? When a reporter approached Airport One demanding to give a letter, personally, to President Obama the secret service did their job. From Huffington Post

Airport security officers carried the woman away by the feet and arms as she protested her removal. She was then allowed to leave. She said the letter she had written was opposing gay marriage.

She later identified herself as Brenda Lee, a writer for the Georgia Informer in Macon, and said she is a “Roman Catholic priestess” who lives in Anaheim, Calif. She said she has White House press credentials.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Rev. Lee’s columns

Several months ago, the practice of priests sleeping with Protestant virgins before their marriage to Catholic males surfaced. A Catholic male and his would be bride went to speak to the priest concerning their marriage. The priest stated that he would have to try her out before the marriage. The girl told her mother. The marriage took place some months later.

Yeah, this is crazy stuff, but I encountered very bizarre anti-Catholic propaganda in the Pentecostal Church so I am sure this is not just one woman’s delusions. And after all, the Informer published it.

In other crazy news, HuffPost reports that former congressman Tom Tancredo said that Judge Sonia Sotomayor belongs to an organization called La Raza, which he says is exactly like the Ku Klux Klan except for the hoods, and the nooses, and the lynchings, and the shootings, and the mutilations, and the church bombings, and the cross burnings, and the terrorism, and the collaboration with corrupt sheriffs, and the co-opting of church and politics, and the racial hatred, and stuff like that.

I got up my courage and went to the National Council on La Raza site. Right there on the front page it says to wash your hands to protect yourself from the flu. And there’s something about graduating at-risk students and advice for homeowners to prevent foreclosure.

So should we be worrying about Hispanic terrorists and sex-crazed Catholic priests chasing Protestant virgins? Fred Phelps is coming to Rhode Island today to put on his ‘god hates fags show’. I think I have to work, or cut my toenails or something. They say laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes you gotta.

2 thoughts on “They Have Meds for That

  1. When I went to Apponaug Pentecostal Church in the 70’s, someone left a pamphlet that claimed that Catholic convents–well in so many words were ‘spas’.
    I was brought up Catholic, and had never seen this kind of bigotry, but I know it’s out there, and Brenda Lee didn’t imagine this on her own.
    Sadly, it turned out that the Church really did have sexually abusive priests, but any organization that gives too much power to a few people will see that, Protestants included.
    The Georgia Informer needs a better web design, and a better editor.

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