It’s Not Your Race–It’s You

Maybe this is too much information, and too personal, but it’s something I recall every time Tom Tancredo and friends claim that they are being persecuted for being white.

When I was young I was friends with a guy who was an exchange student from another country. One day I was talking to him in his room and he proposed being more than friends. I told him no, and he asked why and I kind of talked around the issue. Finally he looked at me with compassion and forgiveness. ‘It’s my race, isn’t it?’ I did not deny it.

Because to tell him the real reasons would have dished out more hurt than I felt like inflicting. That I found him physically unattractive was just the start, it would have got worse from there.

How do you say to someone, ‘It’s not your race, it’s you, personally.’

It would be so hurtful to Limbaugh, Gingrich, Buchanan, Tancredo et al. Or maybe not. They are so good at dishing it out, They should be able to take it.


One thought on “It’s Not Your Race–It’s You

  1. Want some TMI?Back around the mid 60’s I asked my wife out.We went to school together at the time.We are of different racial backgrounds.She cancelled our date a day or two prior because she said a guy she liked better was taking her out.
    We’ve been married going on 39 years.Maybe being blunt and honest is preferable to dancing around an issue.It might make politics more tolerable.

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