New Leadership, Rules at Harrington Hall

The Projo reports that a new agency will be running Harrington House and sex offenders will no longer have reserved beds there. From the Projo:

CRANSTON β€” The state has hired a new agency to run the Harrington Hall homeless shelter, ending a controversial arrangement in which beds were being reserved for convicted sex offenders.

Starting July 1, the Urban League of Rhode Island will be out, and the House of Hope Community Development Corporation will be in.

The switch does not mean sex offenders will be turned away if they show up needing a place to stay, but it does mean the shelter, about a quarter-mile from a playground and about a half-mile from the nearest school, will no longer reserve space for them.


One thought on “New Leadership, Rules at Harrington Hall

  1. Sounds like a good move. Harrington Hall is a homeless shelter, and the managers should be able to focus on providing that service without having other things added.
    Housing for released sex offenders needs to be overseen by the state, so that they have a permanent address and can be monitored.

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