2 thoughts on “Koko Taylor has Passed

  1. Nancy,
    I might have been at that Last Call show around 20 years ago, and if we saw the same show, those walls did indeed shake. I was dragged along to the Last Call by a friend of mine that insisted that I “needed” to see Koko Taylor. I had grown up listening to what I thought was the “cool” music: Velvet Underground, NY Dolls, The Clash, Mission of Burma, etc… I never imagined that a 60 year old singer could tear the roof off a nightclub, I was wrong. I was stunned. That night at the Last Call Koko Taylor laid to waste every preconceived notion I had about music. Raw. Powerful. One minute angelic the next demonic. That was one show that I will never forget…R.I.P. Koko

  2. She looked like someone’s grandmother, and her husband, I think, was playing guitar in the band. I was also brought there by a friend, and I’m glad I got to see her.
    Did you ever see Fatman Wilson?

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