Way Cool

This is great news. I’m really proud that our own Brown University is on the front lines of this research…

Five years ago, a young man who could not move his legs or arms learned to control a computer cursor by imagining his hand manipulating a mouse.

Matthew Nagle, paralyzed after being stabbed in the neck, could open e-mail, change the TV channels and draw a very wobbly circle on the screen. He also moved a prosthetic arm by thinking about moving his own arm.

Nagle could accomplish those tasks because doctors had implanted a silicon wafer with 100 hair-thin electrodes in his brain…

Go to ProJo.com to read the rest of the story. This study is called ‘Braingate’. It was started at Brown University and is continuing there.

One thought on “Way Cool

  1. I’ve read about similar research in the past. That’s why I’m glad Brown is continuing to expand in Providence. I know the tax exempt property owned by universities doesn’t make them popular with many citizens, but how could you not want to see them expand after reading about this?

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