Really Crazy

I grew up in the age of assassinations. Medgar Evers, JFK, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King. George Wallace and Larry Flynt paralyzed by bullets, Gerald Ford a near miss, Ronald Reagan shot and recovered.

Every time this happens it’s a bad apple, a lone wolf, a crazy man.

I saw a real crazy man once when I was a student nurse doing a clinical at the IMH. We were on the locked ward.

A good looking young man was lying on the floor. He rested his cheek on the linoleum and gazed across the dusty squares. He moistened his finger, picked up some dirt from the floor and ate it. Then he did it again.

No one on the staff tried to stop him, I figured that he did this all day every day. That was real crazy.

These assassins who murder a public figure have a script to follow and the props to play the role. They don’t have to select their targets at random. They think they have a fan base.

Hate speech is not innocent. There are always frustrated, angry people who are one step away from going out in a blaze of glory. How much does an 88 year old man have to lose?

But don’t let him plead insanity. That poor boy eating dirt off the floor–he was really crazy.


7 thoughts on “Really Crazy

  1. Well,Nancy it’s the social engineers who’ve given everyone an excuse for their behavior,no matter how bad.
    I too had a lot of experience with legitimately crazy people.They are usually too disorganized to carry out an assassination.On the occasions they become violent,they usually pick the nearest target.
    People with personality disorders can defintely be assassins,serial killers,etc.They can be very organized in their planning and execution.Some of them might be paranoid,but they aren’t spewing word salads or eating feces.
    The recent killers have no prayer of carrying off an insanity defense.
    Remember the man who shot up a trainful of people in NY?He hated Whites and Asians(although he did shoot a Black woman)and he was organized enough to shoot outside NY city limits,because in his words he didn’t want to embarrass Mayor Dinkins.along comes Ron Kuby,protege of the late unlamented William Kunstler with a “Black Rage” defense to prove diminished capacity.This is what I was referring to in my first sentence.
    These assassins aren’t getting command hallucinations-they are just coldblooded killers.

  2. The insanity defense didn’t work in that case. Colin Ferguson was sentenced to 315 years. Even with 100 years off for good behavior we won’t be seeing him again.

  3. There is nothing new in the murder, organized or not, planned or not, of prominent people. From the attempt on Solomon’s life, to the murders of the various Pharohs, to Julius Caesar, Agustus (perhaps done in by his wife), Caligula, Claudius, Nero, etc., Lincoln, McKinley, Huey Long, Jesse James, Trotsky; the attacks on Hitler; FDR (although Mayor Cermak ended up dead); PR terrorists’ attack on Congress and Truman– all are attacks on significant people by insignificant people or wannabes with a cause or an injustice to correct. The same is likely true for the thousands of people significant in their own countries who we do not know about (or really care about). One is inclined to think that 32,000 years ago, Yurg, leader of the southern France Neanderthals, met his fate when he was ambushed by Dak, leader of the tribe living near Monte Carlo, over the rights to a particular cave.

  4. A little remembered fact is that Dr.Martin Luther was stabbed in NYC by a deranged womanin a church.since she was Black,it was obviously not a racially motivated attack,and not political.It was just crazy,and here is the point-disorganized.She had no way of escaping,unlike James Earl Ray in Memphis with a false passport and an elaborate escape route.I for one believe Ray did it,but certainly not acting alone.

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