Elizabeth Roberts Chooses Not to Run for Governor

Yeah, I’m disappointed. One of the first things I did with this blog is interview Elizabeth Roberts as she pursued her candidacy for Lt. Governor. Having witnessed her in actions as a Senator for my district in Cranston, I knew she had tremendous potential, and one day I hoped she would make it to an even higher office than Lt. Governor. She may still, but it appears it won’t be this time around. From her presser:

“I’ve spent the past few months exploring a run for governor, and I want to thank all of my supporters and let them know that I will continue to work to turn the page on politics as usual in Rhode Island,” Roberts said. “I will continue to fight for quality health care for all; a stronger, more diverse Rhode Island economy; and honest, open and effective government. These have been, and will continue to be, the focus of my public service.”

I’m guessing the pre-election polling for Chafee looks good, while the polling for Roberts didn’t look quite as strong. But I don’t know of any campaign polling results that have been released to the public.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Roberts Chooses Not to Run for Governor

  1. I’m truly sorry to hear this. I’ve been waiting for her to run for the past 8 years.


    1. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for this decision — it was probably made very carefully. Still I would just like to see one woman kind of “reach the top” in Rhode Island. It’s just depressing to see how there are 8 gazillion democratic candidates for Mayor of Providence and for Governor of RI, and none of them are women.

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