Passing the Ball

I’m fascinated by Sarah Palin for a lot of reasons. One is that she uses the coded language of the hard fundamentalist religious right. Another is that she has a speaking style that seems casual and unscripted, but is actually full of allusions and tones and a deliberate vagueness so she can imply things that won’t show up on a transcript. She gives herself lots of wiggle room.

So how about her statement that she’s, ‘passing the ball’? Whoever is she passing it to? Is there a star player waiting to catch a great big ball of Alaska and score the winning shot? Or is the ‘ball’ the Republican base that is still cheering for her?

I never thought she was dumb. She might be erratic but she leaves all the doors open for a quick escape to whatever next move she has planned.

10 thoughts on “Passing the Ball

  1. I thought she was a little shallow before, but her speech pushed my opinion in the direction of: Palin is just not smart.

    “…we are advancing in another direction?” I’m not sure what she hoped to gain by that quote. And her basketball analogy…wow! Can we imagine Phil Jackson leaving the Lakers mid-season because he doesn’t like what people are saying about him?

    We need leaders of better substance than this. I wish her well, but I’m glad she’s given in. Not everyone is cut out for the glare of national recognition. I’m certainly not. There’s no harm in admitting that.

  2. She’s a politician.Have you ever heard Jack Reed try to explain something-homina,homina,slip and slide?
    Or Chris Dodd?
    I don’t think her speech is that coded at all.She just says stuff as it pops into her mind.She’s not gonna get a Nobel Prize.
    Of course Rigoberta Menchu got one for faking her life story,so how much is it worth?
    When Obama is spontaneous,something comes out that usually doesn’t do him much good.hence,the great faith in the teleprompter.

    1. There you go again, Joe.

      Yet another repetition of yet another tired Rush theme.

      This one came and went about 6 months ago. It was disproven, it’s old, so give it up.

      Sarah Palin could barely handle softball interviews–which were pretty much all she did. She’s not stupid, but she’s woefully ignorant. Worse-she has little interest in curing that condition. Much like Bush.

      No wonder the Repubs love her.

      1. klaus-I’m beginning to think you spend a LOT of time listening to Rush Limbaugh-how else would you always be referring to something he said?
        What Rush theme did I repeat?I’m curious now,because I am not sure if you are referring to Palin or the Rigoberta Menchu fraud.
        I KNOW you aren’t stupid enough to defend Dodd,and as far as Reed,I am saying what I personally heard him babble in reponse to two questions-money from bankers and lienses for illegal aliens-he sounded like a guy trying to whistle “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”with a mouthful of wet Graham crackers.

      2. FWIW I initially heard about Rigoberta Menchu’s deception in the mainstream meida.David Horowitz followed it up.I do read what Horowitz has to say and have him speak numerous times on radio/tv.I think Horowitz is accurate most of the time.His material on the leftist culture that has a dominating influence on academia is the truth that really can’t be denied.

  3. I am fascinated by her last speech. Here is how Gail Collins begins her funny column about that speech:
    “Truly, Sarah Palin has come a long way. When she ran for vice president, she frequently became disjointed and garbled when she departed from her prepared remarks. Now the prepared remarks are incoherent, too.”

    I’ve been trying to figure out, is she leaving bec. of some scandal about to erupt? Perhaps the sports arena scandal?
    Were her feelings hurt by the Vanity Fair article?

    Stay tuned. I will.

  4. Sarah was in true Palin form.
    Her exit was as disjointed, vague and accusatory all at once.
    I can take her about as serious as the other ‘coulda been a contender’, Joe the plumber guy.

    1. She actually got elected Governor and Mayor-“Joe the Plumber”didn’t even have a plumber’s license.
      She is rumored to be facing some charges related to her incumbency as Mayor of wasilla.Time will tell.

  5. I just visited Rhode Island’s Future, and reading some comments I have to say I don’t understand the out of control personal hatred of this politician, or the personal adulation she inspires. In spite of the fact that she offends me and insults everything I believe in, you get a thick skin when you have Coulter and Gingrich, etc yapping at you. I feel sorry for her family, I’m sure she loves them like I do mine, but she made use of them whenever she needed cover or a good publicity shot. I’m forever grateful that little Trig was such a good baby during the campaign, because I was afraid she would have to drop out before she sank McCain.
    If having a family is too much to balance with a governorship, imagine her as President.
    words can hurt, but hundreds of thousands of Americans are in harm’s way because of wars started by the previous president, including Sarah Palin’s and Joe Biden’s sons.
    she enjoys speaking to adoring crowds, but she wouldn’t stick it out for the unglamorous service as governor.

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