Fugitive Beauty/Greater Providence

smith hill for kmareka crop
Kmareka’s own part-time ninjanurse and full-time blogger is showing her art at the Liberty Elm Diner, 777 Elmwood Ave in Providence. This is radical stuff. Already the art critics in London, Paris, NYT are in a frenzy.

You can see this ground-breaking show for free when the diner is open, Tuesday-Sunday from 7a to 3p, and I recommend the Migas (tex mex style eggs). Sometimes they have live music. Their coffee is really good too.

11 thoughts on “Fugitive Beauty/Greater Providence

    1. Nancy-try an image google on Tavik Frantisek Simon(I have a print by him),who was a Czechoslovak printmaker-he did soft ground etching with colored aquatint among other things.Note the similarity to your retouched photos.
      I’d post a link,but I am too computer ignorant to do do.

  1. ninjanurse, I didn’t know you were an artist! I would love to see more, is there someplace closer (like the web) where I can see more?

  2. good to hear from you, Kathryn. The show will be up for a while, maybe the whole month. I’m happy.

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