Million Dollar Lunch

Just a quick one, because work is the curse of the blogging class. I heard on NPR yesterday that lobbyists are spending 1.4 million dollars a day to influence the health care reform measures being debated in Washington.

The voice of the people doesn’t have a million dollar megaphone. Writing your rep in Congress is not very satisfying, but I’ll do it today, because it’s what I can do.

Considering how much money is poured into ‘goodwill’ I’m jealous that I never got more perks than a few sandwiches, but they were good sandwiches. So I’m re-running a post with all the lurid details– Confessions of a Drug Lunch Slut.

Also, today’s Washington Post has an article about a politician who’s enjoying way more than free pizza from his friends in the for-profit health care complex.


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