Liberty in Peril

Omigod, the Liberty Elm Diner has been given notice that they are to be shut down for delinquent sales tax! This is terrible, as the Liberty is the only place in the world that people can see my brilliant art show.

Stop the madness! I know Providence needs money, but dead businesses pay no taxes at all. The city needs to negotiate a payment plan with the Liberty and the other places that owe. Meanwhile, I’m going to drive by there tomorrow and see if they are open for breakfast. The Liberty Elm phone number is 467-0777. Let us not bear the shame of the Food Network telling the world that the happening Rhode Island diner they are featuring has been shuttered and locked up.

Providence Business News reports on the story.


4 thoughts on “Liberty in Peril

  1. I went by this last day of July to see your exhibit-there was some kind of film crew there,but I did manage to see all your displayed works and I think they are really good-the small format really enhances the images(they still look like silkscreen to me)-I wonder if you ever take advantage of the many forlorn scenes of abandoned industrial sites and old warehouses like along Harris Avenue that abound in RI?
    The Smith Hill piece has a great melancholy quality to it.
    Ever hear of Charles Burchfield,a 20th Century American painter,who did a lot of work between the wars?You might like his stuff.He actually had two completely different styles-one is sorta surrealistic.
    The other is realism with the odd expressionist look on occasion.

  2. Thanks for seeing it, Joe, and thanks for the compliments. I am going to start another project, I plan to show it in September 2010.

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