Pain Ain’t Gain

Good article here about 5 dangerous and fraudulent health fads you should avoid. It’s written by a doctor who argues that coffee will do you more good if you drink it than if you spray it up your colon.

I couldn’t agree more. I was in a health food store once and a clerk was showing me scary pictures and explaining that a person’s intestines become clogged with waste, kind of like the drain in my bathroom sink, and must be periodically flushed. I disagreed.

I had recently observed a colonoscopy of an elderly person and watched their intestines on TV. This person had great-looking intestines, even though they’d had many decades to build up sludge.

I totally discount the whole myth about the normal digestive system not being able to take care of its business. And if you ever come to my house for coffee, you need not worry about where it’s been.


4 thoughts on “Pain Ain’t Gain

  1. LOL!!My youngest sister in law has a card that says she is a “registered colonic hydrotherapist”.She actually does work for a gastroenerologist and assists with colonscopies-he even sent her to some enema academy in Las Vegas(I couldn’t make this up)and now she has a “practice”on the side giving supposedly theraputic “colonic irrigations”(I still think they’re enemas)to idiots willing to pay her.
    She calls herself a medical professional in conversations and gives advice on any medical topic.If she’s a medical professional,I’m a math professor at MIT(NOT!!).This reminds me of chiropractors who claim to cure lymphoma with coffee enemas.They call it chelation therapy.
    I recently had an actual form of chelation therapy(oral ingestion)in the hospital for hyperkalemia-it was effective for that specific type of disorder,but cancer?Give me a break-as a multiple cancer survivor I really resent these charlatans.
    I would certainly value your medical opinion
    as an experienced RN,but I am sure you would limit it to your level of knowledge and not try to “wing it”.
    I have an informed opinion on immigration and criminal law based on formal training and experience,but I wouldn’t have a clue to any other legal subject.

  2. Well, I’m not an expert, but most people have not watched the Intestine Channel live unless they work in the field and it’s kind of interesting. The treatment for hyperkalemia starts when blood tests show a high potassium level and ends when blood tests show it is back to normal. That’s usually after a couple of days. You can’t guess at this because abnormal potassium can cause a heart attack.
    We’d all get rid of a lot of toxins if we could exercise and work up a sweat every day. And the ban on leaded gasoline and lead paint has helped save children from dangerous exposure. That leaves us more time to worry about plastic.

  3. My hyperkalemia was caused by ACE inhibitors in combination with some other factors.
    I can’t ever take ACE inhibitors again.The drug was making me feel like an old man for the last few years and I had constant joint pain without being arthritic-there was fluid pressure causing it.
    Since 7/10 when they took me off that drug,I’ve lost 31 lbs.I also feel a lot more energetic-real bizarre situation.
    my kidneys had totally shut down,but started working normally again as the K level dropped.They thought I might check out that first night,but I didn’t.

  4. BTW I didn’t only get directly exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam,I also washed up daily with carbon tetrachloride to remove hydraulic fluid.We had no idea it was dangerous.They didn’t even tell us what it was until I asked one day.Being a young knucklehead,I just said “oh” and gave it no more thought.

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