From Miss Incognegro

I’m linking to this great post because the writer tells a story that is incredible. But I have to give it credence because I have heard firsthand of similar things. From Miss Incognegro–

‘Danger, Black Woman Cooking’.

My late mother in law would have a quick assessment of the atrocious rudeness of the white women in this story–‘no home training.’

Let’s train our children to apply basic courtesy and hospitality to everyone, whether as host or guest. You can’t go wrong doing that.


3 thoughts on “From Miss Incognegro

  1. Hi, miss incognegro here. Thank you for linking to my blog. It is a nice compliment that you felt the post link-worthy.

    Yes; it does sound truly incredible. How I wish it were so.

  2. I can’t believe this s**t still happens.
    But,actually I do believe her account.
    That isn’t oversensitivity.My daughter’s ex was Black.I didn’t care for him eventually because he couldn’t hold a job and he left my daughter in the lurch during a bad situation she was in.I don’t want to go into further detail.Point being,he could’ve been anyone.Her previous ex was White and much worse,for that matter.She eventually married a nice enough guy.
    However,the Black ex had told us that when he was dating a White young lady previously,her family made him sit on a plastic chair cover at the dining room table.No one else had one.And he alone was served on disposable dishes with plastic utensils.I told him”I guess you didn’t even bring up having to use the bathroom” and everyone cracked up.But it really wasn’t funny.As the only White person in my immediate family,I better watch my step,or I’ll be relegated to paper dishes!Oops,I forgot my mom is White,but she’s not up to getting out and around,so we visit her.

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