3 thoughts on “It’s the Gay’s Fault

  1. It’s nice to see a leader of the “family values” crowd practice what he preaches, eh?
    It’s called clean your own house before trying to clean somebody else’s – there’s something in the Bible to that effect (plenty of us who support SSM have read it, too).

  2. Liberals never get divorced?And you and Nancy just innately know he was the cause of it?You ought to be reading tea leaves,you’re so psychic.BTW I’ve been married 39 years,but only because my wife is a patient and tolerant soul.

  3. Joe, like most other married people, I’m only one cranky word away from taking my sleeping bag upstairs and splitting the utilities down the middle. (at our age creating brand new households is something we’re too tired to contemplate).
    The cool thing about a good marriage is that it is not just a habit and your feelings are still close to the surface.
    Why would I want to deny anyone else the rights and liberty I enjoy for myself–to legally espouse the one I love and join our fortunes and responsibilities.
    Anyone who wants to protect marriage would be better off working for economic justice and universal health care coverage. Did our parents have us because they wanted to get rich? Let’s give families a break and work for living wage and health security.

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