The ‘D’ Word

I’ll probably be off the net for a couple of days, because I’m working this weekend, but I have one more thing to say.

Sarah Palin, according to some accounts, is declaring victory over something because she scared people with her ‘death panel’ accusations. The Dems are backing away from funding patient’s consultations with their doctors about advance directives.

The elderly people I work with, for the most part, face mortality with more grace and courage than you would know if you get your news from the stupid popular press–which mostly covers face lifts.

They are hard working people who survived the Depression and a World War–hard times national and personal.

I don’t presume to speak for them, because each person has her own idea of what is right and what is wrong. But they are quite capable of speaking to their doctors and families about what they want. Given an option to schedule time to speak to their doctor about advance directives, some will take it and some won’t. But they can still count, and they are not afraid of the ‘D’ word.

Trying to shame the elderly out of speaking about death will work about as well as shaming the young out of speaking about sex. A frank discussion of the kind that might have helped Sarah Palin’s daughter to avoid becoming a mother at such a young age.

Maybe Palin believes she will be Raptured up and will not have to be exposed to the messy realities. Or maybe she creates her own reality, and has a talent for collecting a following.

Be a part of the flock if you want. You know what they do to sheep. Getting fleeced is the least of it.

9 thoughts on “The ‘D’ Word

  1. This has nothing to do with making people afraid to discuss as you put it, the “D” word. Death is a part of life. Personally and this is my own opinion, I don’t want government regulating how and when I should approach the subject. My mortality or lack thereof should be between me, my family and my physician. Acknowledging that there are those who might feel differently than I do, I do not want government involved in that part of my life.

    People have been dealing with life and death issues long before government even thought to get involved and we’ll continue to deal with it, but it should be on our own terms.

  2. bydesign:

    You are propagating exactly the kind of nonsense that is causing so many problems.

    The plan is for the gov’t to offer the opportunity for individuals to look ahead to the day when maybe they–or their family–have to make hard choices.

    Everything–EVERYTHING–that I hear people say they don’t want the gov’t interfering with is already happening.

    Except, instead of the dreaded faceless bureaucrat, it’s a faceless apparatchik in an insurance company who is making decisions on what will make the most money for the company.

    I do not understand the loathing people have for a non-existent situation while they blithely accepting the current situation. Which is every bit as bad–or worse–than the dystopian nightmare conservatives use as scare tactics.

    Here’s another secret: the conservatives made exactly the same dire threats and predictions when FDR proposed Soc Sec, and when LBJ proposed Medicare. They were wrong.

    Conservatives opposed rationing and limits in 1993, and then got them from their HMO.

    They were wrong again. They’ve been wrong, consistently, for the past 80 years and more.

    And here’s another thing: whoever is telling you that the gov’t wants to ration care, or force people to end their life, or that we’ll have rationing that’s worse than what’s happening now is lying to you.

    They are lying deliberately, consistently, and viciously.

    Opponents to health care reform are lying. This is their policy, and the only way they can present reasons that reform shouldn’t pass. The opponents know that any debate on merits will make their side look like the corporate lackeys that they are. So they lie.

  3. I have to second klaus’s statements about the fear-mongering that is polluting what should be a reasonable debate about how to insure the millions of people who aren’t covered with any kind of health care.

    I also want to commend Prez Obama for going to town hall meetings which — unlike the controlled, no-one-gets-in-who’s-not-a-Bushie farces that W put on — actually include those who disagree. This is an example of something that will succeed in the end (civilized debate that recognizes opposing views), once the right-wing mob realizes how bad their version of it (screeches of anti-Americanism and shouting down of dissent with lies) failed.

  4. I agree with NinjaNurse on aspects of the “D”
    word. I am a Vietnam veteran who is 69 years young and did 8 years in the Navy and 2 tours of duty to Vietnam from 1964-1966 I have had my bouts with health issues and before i went other personal issues as I was growing up. Palin is a irresponsible Parent Just like Governor Sandford from S.C. and John Ensign from Nevada as disfunctional families and they tried to present themselves for families values. I believe that the Whole Republican Party is disfunctional and do not care about the little people here in America and have forgot their roots. They have become a bunch of elitist snobs thinking they are better than everyone else and if you haven’t got into there school where they went to college or the clubs they are member of or make the same income that they do or can afford just about everything under the sun you don’t belong mingling with them so they discriminate against these people if they don’t match their snobbery. The oppose everything that is go about this nation and forget it was built by the common man instead of the big tycoons of the financial world.

  5. Peter Singer,a professor at Princeton University,has been appointed to an advisory panel on health care reform bY President Obama.I have known of Peter Singer and his ideas for a number of years.He is an “ethicist”,not a medical professional.
    I won’t describe his ideas here,because I am sick of the peurile accusations from certain people about the sources of my comments.
    I would recommend anyone to Mr.Singer’s website,where there is an FAQ.Mr.Singer discusses his ideas and beliefs.Best to hear it from him.
    What disturbs me about Mr.Singer is not that he believes what he does-people believe all sorts of bizarre,evil,or just plain scewy things.
    The fact that institutions like Princeton and Monash University in Australia give this man endowed professorial chairs
    I find very disturbing.Not to mention that the President seems to think Mr.Singer has something to add to the health care conversation.
    Why would one not be skeptical of this health care reform plan given the above?

  6. If you’re sick of puerile references to the sources of your opinions, stop repeating the opinions offered by those sources.

    The one about Ezekiel Emanuel was particularly noxious. Rush claimed Sotomayor was a racist. You claimed she was a racist.

    Rush is all up in arms about Emanuel. You’re making dark insinuations about his dual citizenship (not exactly a crime) and, hence, his motives.

    Those are two examples off the top of my head.

    All I’m saying is that for someone who “has no use” for Rush, you sure repeat what he says. Maybe next time you might want to stop and think before repeating the latest conspiracy theory from the unhinged RW.

    As far as Peter Singer goes, what is your point? That he holds some views that could be made to sound like they support eugenics?

    My point is that you get all horrified by guys like this who are professors of ethics, whose job it is to push the boundaries of thinking. And yet, insurance companies are full of guys just like him.

    Insurance companies literally hold the powers of life and death over thousands of people every day, and decide that the lives of sick people are not worth saving because it would cut down on the CEO’s bonus that year, and maybe he (and it’s always a ‘he’) might not be able to upgrade the company jet.

    Those are exactly the sorts of decisions that are made, every day. And yet you’re all concerned that Obama has one guy in an advisory capacity who is apparently cold enough to weigh the value of individual lives under certain circumstances.

    That’s what I don’t get: this insistance of what Obama might possibly think about considering if something may or may not be a good thing, when there are 10,000 guys who are already weighing the value of thousands of human lives against the company’s bottom line, and deciding that the bottom line is more important.

    It’s happening. It’s happening now. The stuff that insurance companies routinely do as a matter of policy is much worse than anything that the gov’t is even vaguely considering.

    And here’s another one: if the NHS in the UK is so bloody awful, why aren’t the Tories proposing to end it in favor of a market-based solution?

    Answer: because the Tories would be commiting political suicide in doing so. Because, on balance, NHS is a very popular program, for all its failings, and citizens of the UK would far, far prefer to deal with it than to deal with the for-profit system we have here.

    Same with the Canadians, who should have a real sense of the “failings” of their system when compared with the immense superiority of ours. I don’t hear the PC party even suggesting that they switch back to a market-based system, because the idea would be howled off the stage and whoever proposed it would be sent to the political equivalent of Siberia.

  7. I went to Singer’s website. I read HIS words.I don’t need a pantload like Rush to tell me that Sotomayor has a race problem,or that I don’t like the Emanuel borthers.I didn’t make “dark” insinuations about Emanuel-I was pretty direct about my opinion of him and his brother.I don’t like the fact that they,particularly Rahm,have enormous unelected power.
    Now you tell me something-are you ready to go on single payer or a public option?Put your money where your mouth is.I’m already on the equivalent of single payer and it’s okay.
    Do you feel we should have increased taxes?If you do,don’t take a home office deduction or whatever it is you might do to lower your taxes.I don’t take anything I can’t prove in 5 minutes.I don’t believe in inventive deductions.I pay my taxes as soon as they are due.I notice a lot of Obama’s people who advise him have a problem doing the same.
    Peter Singer doesn’t think newborns are people.If you haven’t got a problem with a person like that in an advisory capacity to the President,then you just have to live with yourself on that one.Nothing I say matters.Nothing you say to me in your rants does either,but it’s a free country.
    Do you stand to make any money from health care reform?Just asking,because I think a lot of people will.
    Insurance companies suck.What can I say?I don’t own stock in any.Do you?I don’t own stock in anything.
    Being a dual citizen is no crime,true.It’s no big deal-UNLESS you are in a policymaking position for the government at a significant level.Then you have to fish or cut bait.
    Sotomayor isn’t the first Hispanic SC Justice.Cardozo was-his family originated in the Iberian peninsula-where do you think the term Hispanic comes from?But he was a Jew.Sometimes that is inconvenient,and sometimes it isn’t.In this case with the need to promote Sotomayor as something”more” than just an experienced judge,it was something that got overlooked,accidentally on purpose.
    I watch Neil Cavuto when I get a chance-he is the only national tv or radio “pundit” I bother with.
    You have a tendency to talk down to people.I figure you’re about late 40’s/early 50’s from the way you sound.I’m 63.I’m sure you know a lot more than me about some things,but don’t forget there’s flip side to that.

  8. I’m most concerned about the attack by the Becks and Palins of the world on living wills. Thank God they were not in the room when my mother-in-law had it created, or when her four children (who cover the whole ideological spectrum and were in complete agreement) had to put it in motion two months ago.
    If you listen to these two, they would have you believe my wife was part of a death panel. Guess they’re more qualified to play God than we are.

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