The Other ‘N’ Word

It really bothers me when people use language stupidly. You have to rate very high on self-pity to cry Nazi every time you get a parking ticket, or compare politicians to Hitler every time your candidate loses.

In the Inquisition midwives were burned as witches. People who deal with the life and death issues of health care are vulnerable to being labeled as angels of mercy, or if things go wrong- as cold-blooded killers.

I had heard that many Jewish people find the language being used by some in this debate to be offensive, here’s one man’s opinion…

Nazi is our N-word. That’s why it’s not okay with us — and shouldn’t be okay with anyone — to throw the word “Nazi” around unless you’re talking about actual Nazis. It’s definitely not okay to use it in a health care debate. In fact, put Nazi and doctor in the same sentence and you come up with one name and one name only — Josef Mengele, winner of the “Black Badge for the Wounded.”

If the more hysterical wing had to find something to say besides, “It’s just like the Nazis.” they might have to come up with some real arguments. That would be a real debate, which is what we need instead of name-calling.

8 thoughts on “The Other ‘N’ Word

  1. The remarks made by Nancy Pelosi and some other liberals were okay though?
    I wouldn’t have used “Nazi”to describe this administration-not because it is offensive to me as a Jew or something,but because it is inaccurate in the extreme.”Marxist influenced” is more apt.Not necessarily about health care,I might add.
    Nancy Pelosi likes disruptors(her words),just not if they aren’t left wing.
    You obviously think I make no sense sometimes.Okay,I ‘m not real sensitive,so it doesn’t bother me.
    Sometimes I think you almost have to check a political correctness manual to figure out what you should say.It’s not always about race,hatred,gender,orientation,etc.Sometimes,as Freud(no winner I might add)said a cigar is just a cigar.
    Other times your posts are marvels of clear thinking.Ain’t none of us perfect.Not even Obama.

  2. Here’s a question;i live on a street that has a few Black and Hispanic families(mine included) and I tend to know who my neighbors are,at least by sight.We’ve had quite a few burglaries,and I believe all the perpetrators were Caucasian.Earlier this summer my wife and I noticed two guys walking down the street.It was one of the few really hot days,and they were dressed in long sleeved sweats and one guy had a wool watchcap.One was Hispanic and the other Black.They weren’t jogging,and if they were jogging in late fall/early winter in that attire I wouldn’t have looked twice.The clothing was totally inappropriate for the weather and they looked down almost every driveway,but not ours,because we were outside.They avoided eye contact with us.
    I went in and called the police to check them out.theyw eren’t kids and looked like the kind of guys who might’ve done some time.There’s a certain walk you can’t miss if you’ve been in law enforcement.So even though most burglaries in my area have not been committed by non-Whites,their demeanor,dress and behavior looked allwrong to us.
    Racist reaction?I’ll bet a few on this blog would be very quick to accuse me of that.Harder to accuse my wife,who isn’t White ,but grew up where she saw enough lowlifes first hand.
    I have called the police on two White characters I’ve seen acting suspicious also,FWIW.They both came to my door among others,and acted weird,to say the least.

  3. Actually, having studied self-defense for about 20 years, I think it makes great sense to pay attention to people’s behavior.
    If people would focus more on that there would be less racial profiling and we wouldn’t have embarrassing incidents like the detention of a Bollywood film star for flying while Muslim.
    My job requires me to go to all different neighborhoods and meet many different people. I pay great attention to how people act.

  4. Yeah,I guess Bob Dylan,Zimmerman,whatever knows what age group DOESN’T go to his concerts these days.He got profiled as a middle aged scruffy-looking White male.

  5. As history would have it the word “communist” would apply equally on the horror meter. Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung seem to have killed as many or more innocent people in the name of “communism” as Adolph Hitler and his followers, although the news managed to seep out later. Similarly, the Japanese began their killing about the same time as the Nazis, but since they mainly concentrated on killing Chinese, not many people seem to have cared until FDR raised his voice in protest, especially after the Japanese brutality in Nanking. The irony of Nanking of course is that the German representative of the Nazis attempted to establish a refugee zone to protect Europeans and Chinese who manged to reach the zone from the murderous behavior of the Japanese soldiers. He wrote directly to Hitler reporting of things such as gang rapes of Chinese women and the spearing of Chinese babies on bayonets. He was rewarded by being visited by the Gestapo after returning to Germany and made to sign a pledge of silence, never to tell of the Japanese brutality. The Japanese have never admitted to the events in Nanking or include them in history texts.

    Later, in another ironic action, the Japanese bureaucrat adminstering Shanghai tried to protect a boatload of Jewish refugees from being returned to the Nazis and certain death in the camps–go figure. There is sometimes no end to man’s inhumanity toward man–I think someone so observed.

  6. Francisco Franco,ally and personal friend of Hitler,and committed Fascist provided safe haven to upwards of 40,000 Jews from France and elswhere.It is surmised Franco’s family may have had “converso” roots(i.e. Jews),but it isn’t certain.Jews were also protected by many Italian soldiers and diplomats in spite of Mussolini signing on to Hitler’s policies.A lot of Mussolini’s Fascist supporters weren’t too interested in anti-Semitism.Finland,an ally of Germany against the USSR,had Jews serving openly intheir army and refused to turn any Finnish Jews over to Hitler-Marshal mannerheim,the Finnish head of state, visited the Helsinki synagogue at the height of the war as a statement of sorts.Hitler didn’t dare make a move against the enormously popular Marshal.
    On the other hand,Jews in the “cultured democracies” of France and Netherlands were routinely turned over to the Germans.
    Bulgaria,a monarchy ruled by a German(!)
    king,Boris III,refused to turn any Bulgarian Jews over to the Gemans,and almost all survived the war.
    Anyone wanna make sense out of all that?Behavior is not predictable,nor can it be molded with expected results.Humans are so individual,that outcomes are always something of a mystery.This flies in the face of social engineering,so beloved of a number of contributors here.
    History is there to study on one’s own.It is not that difficult-all that is required is reading ability and a lack of intellectual laziness.

  7. Indeed Joe. Another case in point is the still odd behavior of Pius XII, sometimes called Hitler’s Pope. He was a man od internal conflict. Indeed the Italians, mosty priests and nins as well the left leaning underground, and the Mafia, worked to save Jews. The Mafia actions in part were in retaliation ofr the Fascist murder of many of their ranks, but likely also due to the influence of Luciano (from Prison) and his associates, Frank Costello as well as Meyer Lansky and Ben Siegel. Interstingly, it was the Countess DeFranso (spelling?) who once disuaded Siegle, apparently, from shooting Goering and Goebels at a coktail party she was hosting in Italy before the war. Siegel was having an affair with the countess (with her husband’s approval–he was quite gay) as attended the party. When Siegel learned who these two Nazis were, he wanted to go upstairs and get his guns (this was before airport screening) and “shoot the bastards,” as he said. The countess pleaded that he not do so because if possible retaliation against her husband! How history would have changed if the notorious Mr. Siegel had had his way that evening.

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