Who’s Playing Who?

More on the Warwick story-

I mentioned that I had a long conversation with a guy named Ryan who came out to ward off the ACORNs who were marching toward City Hall in legions lured by the prospect of a box lunch.

I told him I wasn’t sure that rumor was true, but he said he got the email direct from ACORN.

Todays’ ProJo suggests otherwise…

The event’s first controversy began a full day before Langevin took the stage when The Rhode Island Young Republicans issued a statement blasting an e-mail from the local Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now for encouraging supporters of the health-care plan to block protesters from attending Langevin’s meeting.

The problem: ACORN says it never planned on attending the meeting and never issued an e-mail to supporters.

My impression generally is that the opponents of reform outdid the supporters in zeal and organization, sadly. But some of the hollering crowd were from a galaxy far, far away– that is Planet Larouche.

Members of a group affiliated with frequent presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche handed out flyers showing President Obama in a Hitler-style mustache.

To my friends on the Republican side, if you don’t know who Lyndon Larouche is and what he stands for, Google him quick. You may not want him to represent your cause.


7 thoughts on “Who’s Playing Who?

  1. Don’t try to give the impression that LaRouchites are somehow associated with Republicans or conservatives in general. They are a cultlike group which I thought disappeared years ago.They were very aggressive and if someone took offense at their in your face tactics they would harrass the person at home,on the street,anywhere.Their platform might raise some eyebrows at a home for the feeble-minded.
    My wife once inadvertently allowed one in our house in Illinois.the woman was part of a front group purporting to be an anti-drug coalition.When i walked in and found her there and she told me who she was with,she and her materials wound up on the front steps in about 20 seconds.
    My wife got more suspicious of door to door crusaders after that.

  2. Joe’s right. Nominally, they are often registered Democrats.
    When I was in college, one of them ran for mayor of Boston on a campaign platform of building beam weapons to use on the Soviets. I did get one of their bumper stickers for laughs, though: “Dear Andropov: Up Yuri’s.”

  3. “To my friends on the Republican side, if you don’t know who Lyndon Larouche is and what he stands for, Google him quick. You may not want him to represent your cause.”

    He and they don’t represent our cause. We can’t force them to leave a public event; we just don’t interact with them. I’ve read quite a bit about Lyndon LaRouche. He’s the reason I don’t sign political petitions. He’s a perennial Democratic presidential candidate with a cult-like following. His “movement’s” politics are somewhat hard to define, and frankly, aren’t very consistent. By the way, he strangely enough is in favor of the so-called “public option” … so you might not want him to “represent” your cause.

  4. Trying to fit Larouche into any category is impossible, but forgive me if I take the ‘Hitler mustache on Obama’ poster as a ‘no’ vote on the President’s health plan.

  5. Will, on second thought, thanks for the heads-up on Larouche. I’ve been seeing those guys around for decades, and thought they were simply far-right, but Larouche does sometimes run as a Democrat. The Democratic party has no legal right to prevent him.
    Now he is attacking Obama from the left and fringe right simultaneously claiming that anything short of single-payer is Nazi euthanasia and part of a British plot to destroy America. I don’t know if Larouche had any interest in health care policy before this year.

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