Repent, Ye Lobstersuckers

Thanks to Pam’s House Blend for this link to a site called, God Hates Shrimp.

Woe to the infidels who think they can get away with picking and choosing from Leviticus. Nought will suffice but the whole enchilada. Um, is that kosher? Watch out for the mystery meat filling, it could be anything that walks or crawls.


2 thoughts on “Repent, Ye Lobstersuckers

  1. Trying to mock people into accepting gays won’t work.Some people just have no intention of ever accepting gays as fellow citizens.As I understand it,that is still legal under our Constitution.I know there are people who think I’m descended from Satan because my family background is Jewish,although I know little about the religion and don’t follow it.I am okay with that.They are on Cox public access all the time.At least they’re upfront about it.Not like those left wing “humanitarians”using an “anti-Zionist”rant to express their hatred of Jews.Some of them like Noam Chomsky were even born into Jewish families.I’m not a Zionist by the way.The USA is more than good enough for me-always has been.
    You just can’t change some peoples’ minds.
    I look at it this way-if they don’t **** with me,I’ll ignore them.If not,they’ll have a really bad day.
    The more you try to convince people who hate gays that they are wrong,the more they dig in their heels.
    I don’t want to go the Eurotrash route and institute laws against “hate speech”It just drives the subject underground,with mor deadly potential consequences than if people can speak their minds.
    Personal threats are not protected speech.
    There is a line in the sand on that.

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    Best wishes,
    Paul Huard

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