Ask the Neighbors

I don’t know where Sen. Coburn is coming from. He must be in a faith-based mode. He is a doctor, worked in family practice, delivered babies. Did he ever have a patient who couldn’t pay the bills?

His statements at a recent Town Hall sound more like ideology than realism. Government is bad, therefore the Vets Administration is bad. Self-help is good, therefore we should just pass the hat among the neighbors.

One woman, a military veteran, asked Coburn, “Morally, how can you deny Americans affordable insurance?”

Coburn was quick to respond.

“One of the reasons it’s not affordable is because government is in the market in the first place,” he said. “Why as a veteran do you have to go to the Veteran Administration (hospital) instead of anywhere else you want?”

After another woman cried as she spoke about a sick relative, Coburn said bigger government won’t lead to health care reform.

“What’s missing from the debate is us as neighbors helping people who need help,” he said.

“The idea that government is a solution to problems is a very inaccurate statement.”

This is such nonsense, such willful ignorance from someone who should know better as a doctor and a politician–I don’t know what to do with it.

Follow this link to for an inspiring account of neighbors helping neighbors, right in Warwick, RI. Hundreds have participated in fundraisers to help a little girl with severe cerebral palsy. This has enabled her parents to try a treatment not covered by insurance that they hope will improve her life.

However, from Cady’s birth and stay in the NICU, every hour of every day, she needs vigilant care and expensive treatment. That’s covered by insurance.

Even neighbors as good as Cady’s cannot raise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year indefinitely. Even parents as devoted as Cady’s can’t spend all their time canvassing for help. They have more than enough responsibility just to care for their little girl.

To suggest that people who have medical needs should just pass the hat to the neighbors sounds as callous as ‘Let them eat cake’. I’m waiting for Sen. Coburn to ditch his evil Federal Employees Insurance plan and trust to God and the neighbors for himself and his family.

One thought on “Ask the Neighbors

  1. I like Coburn’s no back-down stance to the gun grabbers,but he’s all wet on this one.I go to the VA because the care is better.and it’s free in a manner of speaking.He should know batter as a doctor.

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