How D’ya Say ‘Dynasty’ in Texan?

They don’t go for any affirmative action there. They get ahead the old-fashioned way–by having the right parents…

NEW YORK – NBC’s “Today” show has hired someone with White House experience as a new correspondent — former first daughter Jenna Hager.

The daughter of former President George W. Bush will contribute stories about once a month on issues like education to television’s top-rated morning news show, said Jim Bell, its executive producer.

They chose Hager because of her decades of groundbreaking work in advancing education, or because she looks like her Dad.

A first television job on “Today” is, in her father’s world, sort of like a run for president as a first attempt at elective office. Hager said that people on the show “have always made me, whenever I’ve been there, feel very comfortable.”

Bell said Hager won’t be covering politics. He said he didn’t consider the job as a down payment for a future interview with her father, who has been living quietly in Texas since leaving office earlier this year. Attacks on NBC News by conservatives for the liberal bent of MSNBC also had nothing to do with it, he said.

She’ll probably do as well as most on TV. If they put the most qualified on camera it would be interesting enough to watch, not just the ambient noise it is now. Maybe Jenna will surprise us all and be a riveting performer, up to the standard of Cox Cable Access show, ‘Rhode Island Soapbox’.

9 thoughts on “How D’ya Say ‘Dynasty’ in Texan?

  1. Remember when Bruce Sundlun’s out-of-wedlock daughter appeared on the scene and got a job with one of the television stations? I guess in RI, we’re more inclusive in our definition of “dynasty”!

    1. Does out of wedlock matter?It sure doesn’t to me.Kids can’t pick the circumstances of their birth.
      I am kind of surprised that you would find that detail of somebody’s life worthy of mention.At least you didn’t say “illegitimate”.
      I’m not a Sundlun fan,if you were wondering-it’s just the general idea.
      Jenna Bush,Chelsea Clinton-it’s all the same-having a President for a father is its very own form of affirmative action.

  2. Out of wedlock doesn’t particularly matter to me either. It is a curiously different story of how privilege worked for the daughter of one of our powerful politicians.

    1. Most powerful politicians’ offspring have a leg up,so to speak.
      At the other end of the spectrum,there was,for many generations, a “family legacy”requirement in many trade unions that was hard to buck.
      It kept racial minorities out of the higher paying construction trades for many years.
      When I was a kid,every Sunday morning the Jewish trade union guys would congregate on the intersection of Pitkin and Stone in Brownsville-the housepainters on one corner,the carpenters on another,the plumbers on a third,etc.
      A lost world.

  3. What amused me most about the Bruce Sundlun story was that he started out saying he wasn’t sure he was the father, and his daughter was his spitting image. She was very good-looking, she was Bruce Sundlun as a pretty young blonde.

    1. Nancy-seriously now,could a seriously compromised individual like Patrick Kennedy have gotten even a routine job,let alone political office without his family name and all the trappings of being a Kennedy?Maybe you like him-that isn’t relevant.He couldn’t bring in carts from the parking lot at a supermarket and here he is “representing”half a million people.Shameful.jenna Bush or whatever her new name is,works in private industry,which is the business of those who hired her and shouldn’t be of concern to anyone else.
      I didn’t like her father,and even more so Cheney,Rumsfeld,Perle,and Wolfowitz.However,the raw hatred directed at him here and on RIF, interesting.Such hatred directed at Obama would cause apoplexy in the same quarters to the chorus of “racist”.Am I wrong?Be honest.

  4. I have always appreciated that Pat Kennedy helped stall the acquisition of Rog Wm Hospital by Columbia HCA, which is a huge hospital group that has had legal and corruption charges.
    ‘Raw hatred’? that’s harsh. I don’t recall using either ‘N’ word when referring to the former president,or questioning his citizenship, or–gods forbid, joking about assassination. Living through the 60’s was enough of that.
    I do have another word I’m going to apply to ‘W’. Weak. In his response to Katrina.
    There’s more than enough blame to go around, and New Orleans was poorly served by its mayor and governor and police force–generations of failure converged in one huge disaster.
    But a strong leader in the White House could have saved many.

    1. Nancy-the comment was more general about left wing blogs-and yes,not only was there an actual recommendation that W be assassinated(Randi Rhodes on Air America),but a film also.
      Who’s using the “N” word other than gutter mouth racists?You won’t find it used on conservative blogs or by commentators-they’d be off the air.
      Please don’t try to portray Patrick Kennedy as a competent legislator-he may not even be a competent person,period.I’m not on a crusade against him because he’s a liberal Democrat.It’s because he’s a shame as a “representative”.Langevin isn’t my cup of tea,but he certainly is competent and no emabarrassment at all.Jack Reed is smart and accomplished,but he is fatally damaged by having his hand out to the bankers and he dithers on answering tough questions.
      Don’t expect me to carry a banner for W-I blame his tenure for what we have now.
      i know you read RIF-I often comment there.the raw hatred is not below the surface in that place.Kmareka is not the same kind of blog-but there is no lack of name calling and baseless accusation here.Not necessarily by either you or Kiersten either.
      When it comes to Sarah Palin you really let go.Your prerogative.I have problems with her for other reasons,such as contributing to people being afraid to vote for McCain.I just know too many people personally who gambled on Obama because they feared Palin becoming President if McCain’s health went south.
      I do bnot trust this administration on national security issues,particularly Eric Holder,whom I consider Obama’s worst appointment.this due to his past actions and apparent intent to weaken the ability of the CIA to stop actual attacks on the US.This isn’t Abu Ghraib where a bunch of sadistic lowlifes tortured routine detainees for fun.The CIA did what was necessary to save tens of thousands of lives in a disciplined method.If that offends some people too bad.The potential cost was worth it.

  5. The legion of special treatment for “special people” knows no boundaries and is not limited by party, politics, nation, religion, race, wealth or education. The fact is that special people and their offspring always have had access to places and institutions and offices not available to the rest of us and the names really don’t matter, the result is the same. It can be a Kennedy (except those in jail or rehab), a Powell, a Biden, a friend of a friend or cousin of a cousin. The same issues dominated politics in Rome (recall Augustus and the dysfunctional Julio-Claudians) or Napoleanic France, even Lincoln’s administrations, the Rockefellers, or the Roosevelts, Billy Carter and the Clinton brother. The list is endless. Sometimes the results are not too bad, often they exact misery for all, but what the meaning of “is” depends (ala Bill) more on the outcome than the character involved. Ms Jenna may do well, and of course if she was one of out kids, the odds of landing a job would be next to zero. In some way, it may be unfair to her, because that cloud of special access will haunt her forever. Sometimes it makes little sense to bay at the moon–not much on the moon will change as a result.

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