Saving Families from Non-threats

Yesterday’s ProJo covers our Governor’s pending appearance as a keynote speaker for an organization that claims to defend the family.

In the same issue a child and grandmother are shot and wounded as they sit on their front porch.

Is gun violence a threat to the family worthy of the Governor’s attention?

The comments on that story are discouraging. Following the Governor’s lead, some blame illegal immigrants–having noted the victims’ ethnic name and concluding that they don’t belong here. Others say the remedy is more guns. Blame the victims for daring to sit on their own porch unarmed.

While local crime is first a Mayor’s concern, it would be good if the Governor showed some interest. He enjoyed the support of the gun lobby when he ran for office, and he’s declared illegal immigrants to be the cause of many of our problems–conveniently taking the heat off his own mis-management.

Families are suffering in Rhode Island from unemployment, crime and lack of health care.

Dealing with reality is hard work and much less fun that going to a banquet in Massachusetts– a state that legalized same-sex marriage years ago and is actually doing somewhat better than our own.

4 thoughts on “Saving Families from Non-threats

  1. Gun violence doesn’t motivate The Don’s base. It doesn’t give him the cheap pop he’d addicted to – his visit to this group tells you how badly he’s jonesing for it.

    1. I’m sure the person who used the firarm bought it legally and submitted to a background check/waiting period.
      And there are no illegal aliens committing crimes.
      I don’t get how some people meander to their favorite complaints from a story about gay issues.
      The Governor is entitled to his point of view.If you don’t like it,wait for the next election and vote for a gay friendly candidate.
      Maybe he feels no need to placate people who vilify him on a daily basis.He’s a person like anyone else and probably a little pissed off by now at the organized homosexual lobby.
      I don’t know that they are advancing their cause by this constant finger pointing and complaining.You just have to accept that some people aren’t going to ever change their minds on this.

  2. We’ve accepted that The Don hasn’t changed his mind. That’s why SSM hasn’t been to the floor for a vote – I would guess it has a majority, but not a vetoproof one.
    He just seems disengaged on virtually every other issue these days (even the potential scandals lurking, and Stern’s nomination is the act of a guy who just doesn’t care anymore). I wonder if he’s looking ahead to the conservative welfare circuit with more than a year left on his term.

    1. I’m not a campaign worker for the guy you know.
      I like some things he’s done and not others.The Stern nomination stinks.
      I thought his executive order made a great deal of sense,particularly with regard to re-establishing good liaision between ICE and state/local police and corrections.if you have a problem with that then you are probably an advocate of open borders and unconditional amnesty.I don’t think you are.
      And why should the state hire contractors using illegal aliens when we 12% unemployment?
      As far as SSM,it doesn’t reach the floor because Democratic legislators are nervous about constituent reaction to a yes vote.Spin it any way you want,but that’s the truth.
      Remember it was a Republican Governor,Lincoln Almond,who supported and signed the gay rights bill.I agreed with that also.

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