Starving Artists and Storefront Churches

Interesting post from Beliefnet about the potential for national health insurance to promote entrepreneurship and religious freedom.

This is where the folks at Living Word Holiness Revival and the folks at AS220 can meet on common ground. Tony Jones writes about the cost of catastrophic health insurance for his family, and how little health security his expensive plan actually provides.

As a small-business owner, and independent writer/speaker/consultant, I know first-hand that health care costs can be crippling, and they are a huge disincentive for entrepeneurialism, in the for-profit or non-profit world.

In fact, if there is an affordable, national, government-backed health insurance program, I think we will see a huge exodus — in the corporate world, from big corporations; and in the church world, from big denominations. More of us who are wired up as entrepreneurs and risk-takers will jump ship and go it alone. And, IMHO, that will be a huge boon to the US economy and to the life of Protestantism in America.

Health care reform means making access to health care affordable for every American. Working people who are not covered by their jobs, young people out of college, and small business owners are some of the worst off. When people become disabled, we cover them. We cover the elderly, the veterans, and government workers. Big businesses insure their employees, small businesses pay more because they don’t have a large risk pool. This works against small business and self-employed. We’re actually paying a very high price, in human terms and in lost creativity, for protecting insurance corporations from competition.

2 thoughts on “Starving Artists and Storefront Churches

  1. Another GOP lie: that they are in favor of small business.

    If they were, they would be leading the charge for universal coverage. How many people are stuck in a job because they’re afraid of losing their health care coverage?

    Universal coverage would remove a big disincentive to entrepreneurial activithy.

    So, why is the GOP opposed? Can anyone give me a rational explanation?

    And “rational” = one that doesn’t refer to death panels, socialism, or any other talking points from Rush.

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