Livestream of Obama’s Speech to School Children

UPDATE: Video of the President’s speech to school children is available here. I thought it was an incredible speech, and I agree with Nancy that students who got to see it live were fortunate to participate in an event that probably made them feel more connected to the President and his amazing life story. This was also the most social-work-friendly Presidential speech I have ever heard. Between inspiring stories of foster children succeeding academically, to very personal messages of the difficulties of education, to reminders to wash your hands, and a pre-speech reminder to kids about not putting anything bad on Facebook — this national pep talk had it all!

ORIGINAL POST: The White House is providing live stream of the President’s speech to school children here.

You can also watch the President’s speech to children live at 12 noon here.

If you are on Facebook, you can also watch the video and participate in the Facebook discussion of it here.

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