Two Faces Caught on Camera

California Assemblyman Mike Duvall forgot the microphone was on. A fundamental error that has ruined many a politician’s career.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A Republican state lawmaker from Southern California resigned Wednesday amid growing outrage over a videotape that caught him bragging in graphic detail about having sex with a female lobbyist and another woman.

The ‘family values’ constituents will forgive him. They’re used to this kind of thing by now. Maybe his wife will forgive him. But will the voters? He was, basically, bragging about accepting bribes from a lobbyist in exchange for putting her client’s interests first.

The lawmaker was vice chairman of the utilities committee, which had been considering one of the more hotly contested bills in the current legislative session. The bill, which is still being debated, would require utilities to generate 33 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2020.

Many utilities oppose it.

On July 6, Duvall was one of five Republicans to vote against the legislation, which is sponsored by Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto.

He’ll claim that he was true to his office, but this is a guy who could give sanctimonious speeches about marriage and then brag about cheating on his wife. Does he even know when he’s telling the truth? And he should be investigated–not for immorality, but for taking bribes. There’s laws against that sort of thing.

8 thoughts on “Two Faces Caught on Camera

  1. Let me know if you ever plan to call out a liberal/progressive on anything.I know they are 99 44/100 % pure and honest.Oops,Charlie Rangel.

  2. It’s just so hard to resist when the guys who claim that their families are more valuable than mine and their morals are better and they’re going to heaven while I’m going to be Left Behind get caught. But I do believe in prayer. Every time I see one of these stories, I say, please god, don’t let it be a democrat, and usually my prayers are answered.
    Charlie Rangel will have to account for his accounts. He’s doing that.

    1. Very well said NN. Calling out criminal hypocrisy is necessary, and party affiliation, while perhaps deepening the hypocrisy, is not the point of the story. Don’t appear to support the unsupportable, Joe.

      1. Haha-I love it.”Supporting the unsupportable”-I was an INS agent for chrissakes-all I EVER did was shovel s**t against the tide.

    2. How do you think I feel when a Jonathan Pollard pops up?I’m not even a practicing Jew and have little interest in Israel,yet there are more than enough nitwits who will question the loyalty of Jews in general.
      BTW I really don’t care for the holier than thou types who wear religion on their sleeves.The “religious right”hasn’t done conservatives much good in my opinion.
      I always liked barry Goldwater-he once opined that Jerry Falwell needed a kick in the ass.At least Falwell necver got caught screwing around.He actually came by his attitude in an interesting way.he was interviewed once and I watched while he described his father and grandfather as dishonest bootlegging sherrifs who had no Christian principles.Maybe he was reacting to that?

    3. NN:

      The real problem with the GOP’s say-one-thing-and-do-another attitude is that they’ll be the first to blame “the government” — after they were the ones in charge for eight years!

      Take this quote from Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK: “I’m willing to compromise to get things fixed. But I’m not willing to put the government in charge because we don’t have a good track record.”

      No, Senator, Republicans don’t have a good track record. Democrats, in fact, have been much better at creating and sustaining needed government programs for the old, sick, and needy.

      Link is here:

      So, when I hear about yet another “family values” Republican, ahem, getting it caught in his zipper, I prepare myself for yet another false “But the Dems do it too!” line of defense.

  3. And it’s always the most arrogant of them (let’s not even discuss Limbaugh’s or new Mr. Catholic Gingrich’s shenaningans).
    Even on the Dem side, when Elliott Spitzer went down, I couldn’t force myself to feel sorry for him. He was the epitome of arrogant twit.

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