Declaration of Interdependence

It’s one of the ironies of this health care debate that some who speak loudest against ‘government health care’ are insured through the government. That is, Veterans, Federal Employees or Medicare.

Some think that they need to fight to keep what’s theirs, and if they circle the wagons around their particular entitlement they’ll be safe. This might seem like hardheaded pragmatism, but it’s built on a shaky foundation.

Families depend on one another. My generation, with our parents in their 70’s and 80’s, benefit from the security of knowing that our parents won’t be financially wiped out by medical bills if they get sick. It’s not easy, Geoff Schoos’ example shows that even with Medicare and subsidized housing it can be difficult to get through the month. But without that help things would not be difficult, but desperate.

Grandparents depend on their children. If an adult in her fifties loses insurance and can’t get accepted on a plan her problems become family problems. And young adults have to worry about their parents, as well as their own security if they are not covered through employer or school.

The reality is that any serious health crisis that affects an individual affects a whole family. Health security for the elderly lifts a burden off their children and grandchildren. Health security for everyone would be a real pro-family program.

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