Doctor Recommended

The Public Option is doctor recommended

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Most US doctors approve of a “public option” to supplement private health care insurance in the United States, as proposed by President Barack Obama, a poll showed Monday.

A total of 62.9 percent of physicians who participated in the survey by the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) said they favored a public option, or government insurance plan, against 27.3 percent backing a private system alone.

Another 9.6 percent favored a completely government-owned health care coverage system.

“It’s clear that the majority of US physicians support both public and private options to expand coverage,” NEJM said, noting that between 52 and 69 percent of Americans favor a supplemental public option.

And nurse approved…

“As nurses, every day we see first-hand the heart-breaking consequences of our nation’s flawed system,” [American Nurses Association President] Patton said. “We see patients in danger when they can’t access or afford the care they need. We hold a patient’s hand when they learn that their health insurance coverage has been denied or cancelled. And we see the day-to-day human cost of this system — in the eyes of our patients and their families.”

ANA values patient choice and believes that a public health insurance plan should be an option in the proposed insurance marketplace Exchange. It addresses the absolute necessity of providing broader choice for patients, while increasing affordability, fostering robust marketplace competition, and ensuring access to services. Particularly in a proposal where everyone would be required by law to have insurance, the absence of a public plan option would leave people with limited choices or leverage. People deserve a choice and a chance for peace of mind regarding their health and that of their families.

Access to health care for all Americans. Yes we can.

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