Making an Exception

I can’t understand people who seem willing to hold up health care for millions of uninsured Americans for the fear that some undocumented people might slip through the cracks in the system and get seen by a doctor. Joe Wilson claims he was being ‘spontaneous’ when he shouted at the President, but in the cold light of day he’s a hero to people who blame every social problem on ‘illegals’.

So when the Congressman does a fairly routine motion of granting a reprieve to a man who ignored a deportation order, he must be using some criteria for making an exception. The case is surely deserving and the intervention is not especially unusual, but why this undocumented immigrant and not someone else? No one’s talking.

Wilson may have a conflict of interest [on immigration], however. Two months before he heckled Obama, he introduced legislation to keep Sainey Fatty, an illegal immigrant from Gambia, in the country. Fatty came to the U.S. for school in the early ’90s and lived here for seven years while under a deportation order, according to his friend Bill Cook’s blog.

In his bill, Wilson asks Congress to forgive Fatty’s immigration woes, drop the deportation order against Fatty and allow him to remain in the country legally.

Wilson’s communications director Ryan Murphy told Raw Story in an e-mail that “Congressman Wilson does not support illegal immigrants getting access to a government taxpayer funded health insurance program.” He did not respond to questions about what motivated Wilson to keep Fatty in the country or whether Wilson supports Fatty’s ability to receive medical care in the U.S.

Is it just harder to be hard-line when it’s an actual person and not some abstract ‘illegal’? I’d be surprised if Sainey Fatty did not have a compelling personal story and dire need to stay in the US. So Congressman Wilson should just explain why he made an exception, and what he considers good reasons to grant amnesty to certain people. It would humanize this whole discussion and help him shed the extremists who are making ‘illegal’ this decade’s racist target.

One thought on “Making an Exception

  1. I think the chargge of conflict of interest in attempting to have the Gambian gentleman’s staus with INS changed is a bit deceptive. Mr. Wilson acted as most folks in Congress act in these matters and it is a standard procedure in many such cases, wheter Democrat or Republican, a procedure that has likely been used in many, many cases over many, many years throughout the country. One would think Mr. Wilson should be complimented, not disparaged.

    I am a bit confused why there is a linkage to the medical insurance issue. It is after all not just Republicans who are critical of the nationalizing of health care and plundering the public treasury for less than compelling reasons. The “millions” of uninsured cited may actually be 10 million of the 330 milllion of Americans, once illegals are stripped from the total, as well as those who can pay for insurance and do not and those just turning of age and no longer covered by their parents. That latter situation is mine for several of my kids, and was solved by purchasing additional insurance so there would be no lapse. In any event, the issue has no place in the Wilson attack.

    Mr. Wilson’s shout at Mr. Obama’s address is not without precedent of course. Mr. Wilson has apologized for his outburst. Mr. Bush, the younger, was greeted by boos at a similar address, one assumes by Democrats. Mr. Reid, “Dingy Harry” from Nevada, not know for intellectual brillance and still mired in odd real estate ventures, was especially outspoken and nasty. Ms Pelosi insults Americans who serve at great risk regularly, and Mr. Obama. himself, once one of the acorns on that rotten political community organizing tree, has made such a shambles of the American economy, military and foreign policy with his drive to the left that one might be surprised that the general discourse remains remarkably civil. In comparison, I find the candid and outspoked regular debate in the British Parliment much more interesting. At least there, there are no rehersals and teleprompters and a leader must know issues and substance or look mechanical contrived. I suspect Mr. Obama and many other congressional members would not fare well in that kind of environment.

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